OEM BI & OEM Analytics: Everything You Need to Know

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) BI and OEM Analytics are business intelligence or analytics products/solutions that offer features that are particularly suited to be leveraged by SaaS companies and applications (Check out this article for a refresher on OEM)

Business intelligence refers to collecting business data and turning it into actionable insights that support the progression toward a business objective. In the modern context, this can come in the form of guided analytics which makes data understandable, accessible, and collaborative for any business user, not just data scientists and experts. 

OEM BI and analytics tools are, at a foundational level, designed to help SaaS providers integrate differentiating, revenue-generating functionalities into their products in a cost and time-efficient manner. As a result, modern OEM BI and analytics solutions have significant impacts on things that businesses care most about, including: 

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With the increasingly competitive nature of the SaaS market, the value of OEM solutions extends far beyond merely meeting IT requirements. Strong OEM solutions can be fully white-labeled and embedded into existing products to provide seamless user experiences. Other advanced OEM BI solutions also include impactful features, such as app galleries and built-in connectors to ensure that the entire process, from connection to the distribution of data insights, is as painless as possible. 

SaaS companies that leverage OEM BI and analytics are able to make stickier products, better retain customers and ultimately improve their profitability. 


So…why buy OEM analytics? 

If you own a software application and want to offer analytics as part of your product, and investment in OEM BI or analytics look no further than Toucan.

By offering OEM analytics, especially embedded directly into your software application, the value you deliver to your users will be magnified tremendously. 

OEM analytics removes the need for product and development teams. It also eliminates time and resources spent developing (and maintaining) your analytics offerings. In this way, OEM vendors are able to stay on top of the R & D so that these teams can focus on their core products. 

Product owners can shave months, even years, off their time to market and get advanced analytics right out of the box. 

And what’s more is that you don’t have to compromise on the user experience, because the right OEM analytics tools can be fully white-labeled and customized. It will fully integrate into your product and brand, with your customers believing you made it. 

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