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Toucan Analytics

Embeds easily into your product

  • Embed using web components or iFrames.
  • Leverage a staging environment where you can work safely before publishing your work in a production environment.
  • User-based personalization and extensive white-labeling customization capabilities.

Instant value for users

      • Toucan uses visual design for everything — no code required!
      • Prototype designs (including demo data) and deploy with a click.
      • Toucan by your side: tutorials, guided frameworks, chart library, and more — you're never on your own.
Embedded analytics core product visual
The embedded experience

The ultimate in customization

  • Customize every aspect of the embedded experience to make Toucan yours; easily change colors individually or with theme sets.
  • Add logos, images, and backgrounds and match your brand’s typography. 


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Customer Stories

"Unbelievably impressed with how much Toucan allows us to modify. We have the ability to do anything we need to. It feels like an integrated component of our CSS."

Dan Scrimale - President & CTO
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"We rolled-out our first dashboard in less than 2 weeks and increased our sales closure rate by 10%"

Amann Kasi - CEO
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"Toucan has cornered the market on customer service and without them, we wouldn't be where we are today."

Courtney Toller - Developer
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"By narrating our insights, Toucan has helped the government reinforce the trust of our Citizens in the action of the States."

Stephane Trainel - French Ministry for Economy and Finance
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"We're saving 2500 hours of data consolidation per year & 700 store managers now have access to daily insights thanks to Toucan."

Patrick Dujeux - CEO

"We gained +0.8 in customer satisfaction thanks to clearer operations, leading to better management."

Ger Kaver - Technical Director