Quickly embed analytics

that customers (or suppliers or members or community...) will love — and use
Toucan Analytics

Embeds Easily into... Anything


Embedded can mean lots of things depending on who you ask. Is it in a customer portal? Is it embedded into a SaaS application? Is it a customer mobile app? At Toucan, the answer is “yes."

      • Embed into applications or webpages in minutes — even without deep technical expertise using Toucan “click-and-embed” functionality
      • Embed using web components or iFrames
      • Move from Staging to Production with a single click
      • Rewind unwanted changes in seconds

Instant Value for Users


A one-way conversation... isn’t a conversation. Toucan analytics can write data back into source systems like Snowflake.

      • Toucan uses visual design for everything — no code required!
      • Prototype designs (including demo data) and deploy with a click
      • Toucan by your side: tutorials, guided frameworks, chart library, and more — you're never on your own 
embed for customers
The embedded experience

The Ultimate in Customization


Embedded analytics should reinforce YOUR brand, not that of the analytic vendor. Toucan lets you customer every aspect of the embedded experience

  • Easily change colors individually or with theme sets
  • Add logos, images, and backgrounds
  • Match your brand’s typography 
  • Allow users to create their own, personalized dashboards or present standardized offerings

Customer Stories

"Other solutions on the market required extensive technical expertise on our end, but with Toucan, it was very easy to get started !"

Amaan Kazi, CEO
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