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Greater agility & responsiveness 


  • Get up and running, quickly, with intelligent and responsive alerting to help speed up decisions. 
  • Built-in calls to action, smart alerts, and notifications give you the "why" behind the "what," exactly where (and when) you most need it. 
  • Built-in story creation tools and best-in-class visualizations are just a few of Toucan's features that will engage your end users. 

Built for scale 


  • Easily scale to your entire network, unifying data siloes and ensuring everyone that needs it has access to your logistics data: on mobile devices, desktops, PDF reports, or anything in between. 

  • Analytics are designed to be set-up and understood by anyone, from technical experts to everyday users. Guided frameworks with data storytelling built in, and the #1 rated ease-of-use by your peers ensure success for any end user. 
  • Perfect for on-the-go customers and reps who need flexibility and ease-of-use. 

Deploy anywhere with Toucan

Optimize your business


  • Make insights and information readily available to all users, with appropriate permissions set at any level. 
  • Simplify status reports and updates. No more needing to ask individual area managers for the data you need every day.
  • Automatically update and disseminate data to reduce time spent outside of your priorities. 
  • Reduce lead time and improve quality, productivity, and systems optimization. 

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"Toucan’s product and performance have allowed us to reach record high operational efficiency within our teams."

Paul Quipourt - Transformation Director, elior