<2 hours
to turn data into a new story for your team
0 seconds
(and zero extra clicks) to mobile analytics
1.2 minutes
connect to new sources like Snowflake & MongoDB

Data approval tool for the Company

Delay kills businesses

  • Connect to data sources from CSVs and Excel spreadsheets to cloud sources like Snowflake, Salesforce, and just about anything else in minutes with built-in no-code connectors

  • Make data ready WITHOUT buying and learning YADPT (yet another data prep tool) with our included no-code YouPrep business data readiness tools
  • Preview your results with demo data and with our “view as an user” features and ensure that you’re delivering what your team requested
  • Work in an included “staging” mode and roll out to production with a single click

Value that goes beyond pictures

  • Add narratives — detailed textual descriptions of what’s going on — to every chart so you’re providing the team with the explanations they need along with the charts

  • Create glossaries that define metrics and terms so you can stop answering the “what’s this mean again?” questions from your users
  • Collaborate natively in Toucan, in MS Teams, in Slack or in email. No more preparing Powerpoint just to show your analysis.

Manage the performance of your Pharma Sales Reps

Data approval tool for the Company

It’s ALL included

  • AnyConnect:  100+ built-in (and free) connectors, including Microsoft Teams and Slack, for a deep integration within your existing environment.

  • YouPrep: accelerate your workflow with powerful no-code Data Prep capabilities, including Toucan’s Visual Query Builder.

  • StoryTelling Studio: to create dashboards with flow and context with an easy-to-understand user experience
  • Distribution: so you can deploy to mobile, embed in applications and portals, or schedule PDF reports with ease
  • Action Center: allows you to collaborate with your team, set alerts & notifications, and integrate with other systems

Executive Analytics

Connect multi-source data and provide actionnable insights to your C-Suite

Human Resources

The dashboard to digitalize your workforce management

Sales Force Effectiveness

Close bigger and faster with easy, mobile-first, multi-source insights

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Toucan’s built-in framework has taken the design & adoptability weight off my shoulders, helping me deploy reports 40% faster.
RCI Bank and Services - Victoire Denoix, Data Analyst