10 minutes
to deploy your first Story
Instantly mobile
Build once deploy everywhere
integrated with your environment

Data approval tool for the Company

Deliver intelligible
dashboards in record time,
with record ease

  • Deploy intelligible dashboards with a best-in-class User Experience for your business users. No design or coding skills needed.

  • Manage a single environment, deploy on more than 7 instantly : all smartphones, all tablets, all large displays and PDF, with no installation.

  • Spend 80% less time maintaining and updating dashboards across environments thanks to the built-in framework for storytelling.

Create compelling business value through sky-high adoption

  • Better serve your business users with a platform that meets their modern expectations: instant autonomy, no training required, clarity all around.

  • Deliver effortlessly clear and actionable data messages thanks to the built-in narrative environment.

  • Align your team using Toucan’s powerful collaborative environment: define KPIs, enable live data-driven conversations, and push them to act.

Manage the performance of your Pharma Sales Reps

Data approval tool for the Company

Integrates with and
extends your Cloud

  • Work in the Cloud, on any Cloud, in multiple Clouds, using any type of data source, with Live or Scheduled updates.

  • Leverage 100+ connectors, including Microsoft Teams and Slack, for a deep integration within your existing environment.

  • Accelerate your workflow with powerful no-code Data Prep capabilities, including Toucan’s Visual Query Builder.


Toucan’s built-in framework has taken the design & adoptability weight off my shoulders, helping me deploy reports 40% faster.
RCI Bank and Services - Victoire Denoix, Data Analyst