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Toucan Toco provides the best possible support to HR in the transformation challenges
GRDF - Patricia Zuk, HR Monitoring Project Manager

Build your custom data visualization dashboard in a few clicks


No more static PDF reports you spend hours updating every month. Instantly visualize, own and understand your human resources data.

Aggregate data from multiple sources in a single source of truth


Connect to your HRMS or payroll software and unify your most important KPIs: headcount, diversity, absenteeism, recruitment or turnover.


Securely share insights within your team and across your company


Accompany the digital transformation of your company: give the COMEX an accurate picture of the workforce, empower team leaders, and inform employees.

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Compensation & Benefits Benchmarks

Keep your compensation strategy fair and competitive by tracking your payroll distribution and comparing it to industry standards.

Your workforce in numbers

Manage your workforce by aggregating your

most important KPIs in one platform:

Age & gender distribution, absenteeism,

training hours, recruitment & turnover...

Individual reports


Build workforce engagement by granting

each employee access to a secure & personal

dashboard summarizing the benefits

they have acquired.

Customer Stories

Before Toucan, our HR dashboards were destined for experts. Now, they are accessible & understandable by everyone.


Quentin Vanoosthuyse - HR Data Manager - Nexity
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Toucan helped Top Management gain access to clear HR data, and supported the department in the monitoring of our new HR policies.


Patricia Zuk - HR Project Manager
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Toucan highlights market studies results and helps our customers take hold of their strategic Comp&Ben plan.


Franck Cheron - Human Capital Partner
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Toucan digitalized our Employee Reports. Accessing their performance and benefits data's increased employee engagement and satisfaction.


Quentin Vanoosthuyse - HR Data Manager
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