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Toucan Storytelling Framework

Built for better decision-making


  • Intelligently respond to evolving market conditions with real-time insights at your fingertips, anywhere and at any time. 
  • Easy and effective consumption analysis enables better forecasting.  
  • From built-in calls to action to smart alerts, and from user-based notifications to pre-built apps designed by industry experts, you don't need to be an analytics expert to have expert-level analytics. 

Manage and scale


  • Easily scale energy projects spanning tens, hundreds, or thousands of buildings, locations, or facilities.

  • Analytics designed to be set-up, and understood, by anyone. Pre-built apps, Guided Design frameworks, and the #1 rated ease-of-use by your peers will get you where you need to go.
  • Toucan lets you build once and deploy on any device, whether mobile, desktop, PDF, or anything in between. 

  • A la carte pricing matches to meet you where you're at.
storytelling studio

Engage your customers with next-level visualizations


  • Share highly engaging forecasts, trends, and analyses, turning your most important data into actionable insights, anywhere you need them.
  • Built-in story creation tools and best-in-class visualizations are just a few of Toucan's features that will engage your end users. 
  • With built-in calls to action, context everywhere, smart alerts, and notifications, you'll get the "why" behind the "what." 

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"Toucan’s product and performance have allowed us to reach record high operational efficiency within our teams."

Paul Quipourt - Transformation Director, elior