Hundreds of Included Connectors


From Amazon to Talend (and everything in between), Toucan connects to any data source in minutes. No more writing code or deploying fragile adaptors, everything you need is built in to Toucan.

Live Data? No Problem.


Many platforms work great on stored data but fall short if asked to handle live, streaming data. Toucan handles both stored and live data with ease. Connect to any API-ready cloud data source and start analyzing in minutes. You can even blend insights from live and stored data with just a few clicks.


Ready your data in a flash


Let’s face it — there’s some pretty ugly data out there. But you shouldn't need a PhD in Data Engineering to get your stored data into the right format. Converting dates, removing zeroes, and performing aggregations is easy with Toucan uPrepTM. Built-in tools let you clean, transform, join, and compute new metrics visually or using industry-standard Python.

Changes in Minutes

It’s a fact of business— data sources are constantly changing. Unfortunately, many platforms are easy to set up but are brittle, reacting badly when you add or change data sources. With Toucan, adapting analytics to your business takes minutes, not weeks. And it’s easily done by the people you’ve already got, no need to hire experts.



Customer Stories

We're saving 2500 hours of data consolidation per year & 700 store managers now have access to daily insights thanks to Toucan.

Patrick Dujeux - CEO