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Powerful analytics don't have to be complex and frustrating.
Toucan makes it easy to connect to any data and deliver insights to everyone in minutes — no PhD required.

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Toucan guided analytics 
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Context is king

Nothing is more frustrating than wondering “what does this mean?” or “where did this data come from?” Toucan removes friction for users by providing context everywhere. From glossaries and global definitions to chart explanations and tips for interpretation, Toucan is built for “ah ha!” instead of “huh?” experiences.


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Your team might need insights in their desktop browsers. The CEO might need to see key metrics on her smartphone. The call center team might need up-to-the-second stats on a wall display.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do all that with a single click? Wish granted.

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Built-in collaboration,
ready for action


Charts are nice, but context and actions are everything. Toucan was designed from day one to provide annotations and narratives alongside easy collaboration and sharing. From connecting to Slack or MS Teams to writing data back to sources — Toucan is built for action.




Toucan AnyConnect:
Flexible, cloud-native infrastructure that works with any data, anywhere


Toucan Toco natively offers deep data integrations and universal query-buildings with data providers including
Snowflake, MongoDB, BigQuery, and AWS.

Super flexible, super secure, cost-effective, highly scalable.
Check, check, check, check.

Industrial-grade power, consumer-grade beauty

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Recognized for excellence

The leader as reviewed by actual users on Gartner & G2


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Toucan is included in Gartner's Voice

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Toucan is voted Leader in Analytics
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Communicate your company insights with Data Storytelling.

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Customer Stories

"Unbelievably impressed with how much Toucan allows us to modify. We have the ability to do anything we need to. It feels like an integrated component of our CSS."

Dan Scrimale - President & CTO
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"We rolled-out our first dashboard in less than 2 weeks and increased our sales closure rate by 10%"

Amann Kasi - CEO
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"Toucan has cornered the market on customer service and without them, we wouldn't be where we are today."

Courtney Toller - Developer
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"By narrating our insights, Toucan has helped the government reinforce the trust of our Citizens in the action of the States."

Stephane Trainel - French Ministry for Economy and Finance
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"We're saving 2500 hours of data consolidation per year & 700 store managers now have access to daily insights thanks to Toucan."

Patrick Dujeux - CEO

"We gained +0.8 in customer satisfaction thanks to clearer operations, leading to better management."

Ger Kaver - Technical Director