3x adoption
vs the industry average (aka analytics that actually get used)
100% Context
explanations & narratives everywhere
100% Collaboration
built for team sharing, not pasting into Powerpoint

Reach record high operational efficiency

Built for People Who Take Action

  • Add the “so what?” story to your charts. No more wondering if a trend is good or bad, if actions have been taken or not.

  • Add tips and glossaries so viewers always know how to interpret what they’re seeing and don’t leave confused

  • Annotate charts — draw right on them, add comments and suggestions — and send to your team via Slack, MS Teams, or email in a few clicks.

  • Keep a running dialog of root causes, ideas, and actions right alongside the charts (where it belongs)


3x adoption vs the industry average

  • Companies that use Toucan use the platform 3x more than other tools 

  • Easy to deploy — get Toucan up-and-running in a few days and make changes in seconds so there’s no “IT wait time"

  • Easy to create dashboards — build new data stories with charts, narrative, and sequencing in minutes without expert support

  • Easy to understand — narrative, tips, and glossaries take dashboards beyond “pretty pictures” and ensure engagement


Communicate daily insights to your Captive sales agents

Data approval tool for the Company

Everywhere You Need Us

  • Access dashboard from any browser — nothing to download, no special requirements

  • Instant mobile — build a Toucan chart or dashboard and itimmediately accessible on any mobile device (including buttons built for human-sized fingers and text you can actually see)

  • Embed into any app — complete with management tools & automation — so your customers and partners can have analytics, too.

  • Send professional-grade PDF reports as easy as "click, select, & send"


Executive Analytics

Connect multi-source data and provide actionnable insights to your C-Suite

Human Resources

The dashboard to digitalize your workforce management

Sales Force Effectiveness

Close bigger and faster with easy, mobile-first, multi-source insights

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Customer Stories

"Unbelievably impressed with how much Toucan allows us to modify. We have the ability to do anything we need to. It feels like an integrated component of our CSS."

Dan Scrimale - President & CTO
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"We rolled-out our first dashboard in less than 2 weeks and increased our sales closure rate by 10%"

Amann Kasi - CEO
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"Toucan has cornered the market on customer service and without them, we wouldn't be where we are today."

Courtney Toller - Developer
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"By narrating our insights, Toucan has helped the government reinforce the trust of our Citizens in the action of the States."

Stephane Trainel - French Ministry for Economy and Finance
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"We're saving 2500 hours of data consolidation per year & 700 store managers now have access to daily insights thanks to Toucan."

Patrick Dujeux - CEO

"We gained +0.8 in customer satisfaction thanks to clearer operations, leading to better management."

Ger Kaver - Technical Director