2 hours
to deploy a new dashboard
monthly adoption
instantly mobile
deployed on 7 environments

Reach record high operational efficiency

Reach ambitious goals by
delivering clear insights in
record speed to your team

  • Leverage Toucan’s award-winning, built-in User Experience designed for business users : immediate adoption without any training.

  • Empower your team to take the best decisions using real-time, contextualized, actionable insights.

  • Boost operational efficiency, cut costs, drive sales up thanks to powerful Data Stories that compell your team to act.


Reach record-high
adoption through instant
accessibility & stickiness

  • Support your team with insights instantly accessible on all smartphones, tablets, PCs, PDF, with no installation & no maintenance down-time.

  • Ensure stickiness with Toucan’s collaborative environment: built-in Live Chat for data-driven conversations, Alerts System for reactivity.

  • Monitor and optimize user engagement using Toucan’s built-in Analytics Module : understand and show more of what matters to your team.


Communicate daily insights to your Captive sales agents

Data approval tool for the Company

Eliminate resistance to
change by adapting to
modern expectations

  • Fast, easy-to-access, easy-to-understand dashboards made for everyone, with no prerequisites related to Data Literacy levels.

  • A Next-Gen Modern BI platform adapted to modern consumption behaviors : natively designed for mobility and instant autonomy.

  • A no-code platform that is quick to master for your data team : deploy your first data story in just 10 minutes, with no expertise.


Toucan’s a true Next-Gen Modern BI Platform that changed the way we worked. It made Data a true ally in our decision-making processes.
Elior - Paul Quipourt, Digital Transformation Director