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Get access to updated information on any device from anywhere

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Let your board members focus on their projects not on reports

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Toucan's product and performance have allowed us to reach a record-high operational efficiency within the teams
Elior - PAUL QUIPORT, Transformation director

Share data on mobile and boost collaboration

  • A single dashboard to facilitate collaboration and decision-making.

  • Have a simple and intuitive EXCOM dashboard, accessible at any time on any device.

  • Unify C-Suite monitoring habits and enhance best practice sharing.


Aggregate your data and align your departments

  • Consolidate key indicators and align C-Suite on common indicators

  • Integrate multiple reading levels and allow a drill-down into the results

  • Plan business investments, control costs and profitability to drive business strategy.


Digitalize the operational efficiency of your board

  • Save time during your Executive Committee and refocus efforts on steering your activity

  • Be able to anticipate company performance by setting alerts on your key performance indicators.

  • Gain visibility on incoming and outgoing flows in a modern and digitized dashboard.

Customer Stories

We used to need an hour to prepare an ExCo meeting. Today we spend 10 mn on the app, and 45 mn on debates and actions.

Jérome Lebon - Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence, General Manager



What is an Executive Committee Dashboard?

An executive analytics dashboard provides users with an instant visual representation of their executive KPIs. An effective executive dashboard will display data from different platforms and departments and will allow a drill down into specific information by department or projects, and will ultimately let Board members run their organizations more efficiently. With Toucan’s Executive Committee dashboard, CEO and executives will access all of their data in a unique tool, and they will save valuable time on their data consultation.

How a BI tool can help to optimize the Executive Committee decision?

Today you have various dashboards on Excel and PPT for each of your departments and various specificities of your business. This makes it difficult to easily evaluate your company's performance and make decisions quickly. You need to have global reporting, which allows you to share a common view with all the members of your executive committee, so you no longer waste time on indicators' veracity (calculation method or data sources) and you can align your teams on the actions to be taken. With Toucan, each member of your executive committee has access to the same dashboard, with a shared view to agree on indicators and make common decisions.

Why can you improve the business management of your Executive committee with analytics software?

All executive committees need to monitor their company's performance. This helps them to make collegial decisions during executive committee sessions. It can happen that the members of the executive committee aren't aligned with the data or the results. This leads to discussions, which can be long and tedious.
In order to be modern leaders, an executive dashboard is necessary. This reporting must be available in a digital format, because to drive your business, you need to display performance data from different departments in a single reporting.
By displaying all indicators in analytical software, Executive Committee members can view and analyze the company's results in real time and get a unified view, while being able to explore the results by department.
They can discover information that was previously hidden in data silos or department reports and make decisions based on intuition and concrete results.

What are the benefits of a data analytics solution as an Executive Committee?

Members of the Executive Committee need clarity when making decisions. They are often lost in the mass of information provided to them, as they not only manage their departments, but also need to keep an eye on the overall results of their companies.
The main benefit of a dashboard dedicated to steering the executive committee is to provide a concise and common vision to all members. This dashboard is an essential element and a strong lever in the improvement of a company's organization, as it saves time when analyzing overall performance or by department.
An analytical solution allows to gather all the information, on an easily accessible digital support and to accelerate the communication of data. You will no longer need to duplicate data and you will be able to automate the updating of your dashboards to be ready for the next Board meetings.