Data stories mean results


No one remembers a chart. Everyone remembers a compelling story. Toucan adds the meaning and context users crave to make data impactful and valuable.


  • Built-in story creation tools let you specify context, create a terms glossary, and add calls to action to ensure maximum value.
  • Turn insights into action by providing a step-by-step experience for your users. No “so what?” questions or cognitive overloads.
  • Connect charts, add filters, and enable drill-downs to give users an easily-consumed feed of insights. 

Guided by what’s right


Sometimes people get lost in all the fancy chart options, type faces, shading, themes, and... forget that the real mission is to communicate insights from data. Not with Toucan.


  • Guided design help you pick the right chart for the right task
  • “No layout” design philosophy help you focus on creating insights, not the perfect dashboard arrangement
  • Consistency is built-in, so your users don’t get confused by unexpected layout choices

Brand it, baby!


We like the Toucan colors, but you might be more of an earth-tones kind of company. Go for it.


  • Complete control over the color palette, from backgrounds to chart colors, text, and controls
  • Add your logo (easily and at no extra cost) to make our Toucan, your Toucan
  • Translate it all into whatever language you need (and control it all with users & roles) 


Fake it ’til you make it

It’s hard to tell if you’re telling the right data story without... Data. And by then, it’s often too late. Toucan to the rescue.


  • Add “fake” data to your design to simulate a production dashboard
  • Use “view as” functionality to see exactly what different users and roles will see



Take advantage of Guided Analytics with Data Storytelling

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Customer Stories

"An amazing data storytelling product that helps its users take decisions by standardising a great UX that protects clarity for our business users, and rapid deployment for the business analysts."

Administrator in Banking