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Improve your decision-making


  • Quickly turn complex financial data into actionable, real-time insights.
  • With analytics that are updated automatically, beautifully visualized, and highly shareable, you can make better decisions about your investments, future business goals, and short and long-term strategies. 
  • Deploy analytics in a matter of days or weeks, with no custom development (aka additional resources) needed to create and maintain them. 

Have confidence that your critical insights are secure


  • Safeguard all your sensitive financial information with on-premise deployment, cloud deployment, or both.

  • Set permissions at any level so that your users only see what they need to see.

  • Leverage Toucan's highly flexible authentication protocols to fit any situation. 

Empower your end-users


  • Empower any user with actionable insights, delivered in real-time and on any device
  • Make sure the right people get the right data in the formats they prefer
  • Engage with intelligent alerting, ready-to-use apps, built-in story creation tools, and best-in-class visualizations.  

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Customer Stories

We used to need an hour to prepare an ExCo meeting. Today we spend 10 mn on the app, and 45 mn on debates and actions.

Jérome Lebon - Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence, General Manager