Build it once, use it everywhere


Whether your users are on a phone, tablet, or website, Toucan makes distribution simple. Build once and deploy to anything, even wall displays and kiosks — it all stays in sync.

No Compromise User Experience


Some platforms look great on the desktop, but on mobile? Not so much. Toucan is responsive & adaptive by design. Mobile or fixed, big or small — Toucan delivers an amazing experience everywhere.


Pixel Perfect Perfection


Whether you want a single chart or an entire data app rendered to perfection and delivered to users' mailboxes, it's just click away in Toucan.

Put a Toucan in your app with deep embedding

Designed for easy and robust embedding, Toucan drives user adoption with built-in design, management, and engagement functionality. Get the complete Toucan experience for your users, right at the point of work.


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Customer Stories

"With Toucan, accessibility for an audience of high-level decision makers has never been easier, and deploying clear reports has never been faster for my team. "

Administrator - Commercial Real Estate