It's Cloud!
Use Toucan on AWS, Google, Azure, or OVH
It's Live!
Use live data or stored data — or mix them together
It's Effective!
80% adoption by business - the highest in the industry

Data approval tool for the Company

Works with... everything

  • Toucan is cloud-native and cloud-agnostic. Use AWS (we’re on their marketplace), Azure, Google Cloud, OVH, or whatever works for you

  • On-premises options if that’s what you need
  • Docker containerization technology makes deployment fast and easy

  • 100s of included connectors (nothing extra to buy & maintain) let you do live, persistent connections or periodic data extracts — whichever you prefer

Built for business users

  • Cut training needs — Toucan’s “Guided Design” helps dashboard builders with chart selection and dashboard design.

  • No-code tools for data readiness make it easy for business users to get sources like Excel and CSVs (or any other source) ready to go without expert assistance.

  • Context, narrative, glossaries, and tips make it easy for business users to use Toucan to support key decisions. It’s why we have an 80%+ adoption and not the 30% the “others” have.

Reveal the impact of your policies

Data approval tool for the Company

Easy to deploy & maintain

  • Fully cloud-based with managed updates and security so you don't need to worry about care & feeding

  • Uses the roles & permission from the source data (like Snowflake) for easy configuration and high security without an extra effort

  • Uses data models from source data to slash the need for data re-modeling resources

Executive Analytics

Connect multi-source data and provide actionnable insights to your C-Suite

Human Resources

The dashboard to digitalize your workforce management

Sales Force Effectiveness

Close bigger and faster with easy, mobile-first, multi-source insights

Toucan Crossfilter

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Toucan’s deep integration to our Cloud Provider has allowed us to modernize our analytics stack, notably by removing aging BI tech.
Elior - Dominique Térosier, CIO