1 month
to communicate public data
connections on the 1st day
citizens' trust
is boosted


  • Low adoption of the Open Data product, destined for experts.

  • Need to ensure a strong pedagogy to better support citizens.

  • Better serve the public ecosystem.



  • The narration of insights ensures a consistent clarity.

  • Accessible on any device, by anyone.



  • Public data is revealed and diffused in just a month.

  • Citizens’ trust is strengthened.

  • 10,000 connexions on the 1st day.




In order to quickly and sustainably recover the French economy, an exceptional recovery plan of 100 billion euros has been deployed by the Government. This recovery plan proposes concrete measures intended for all.

Key takeaways
  • 100 billion euros invested
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By narrating our insights, Toucan has helped the government reinforce the trust of our citizens in the actions of the State.
French Ministry of the Economy - Stéphane Trainel, Chief Data Officer

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