No-code data preparation


Toucan is all about removing friction and data preparation is an area where that focus really shines through. Complex actions that used to take experts and code can now be done visually and by novice users.

  • No code, full power — easily perform joins, slices, pivots, and melts without a lick of code
  • Visual transformation console lets you work quickly and intuitively  

Core functions at your fingertips


Some tools are flexible, but to get that flexibility you need to be a code-wizard. With Toucan, your magic wand is built-in with tons of common computations a click away

  • Evolution computation
  • Date aggregation
  • Ranks
  • Many other critical statistics

Complex joins made simple


With full support for complex, multi-way joins, you can put the power of Toucan's data connector library to the test and join all your data quickly and easily.

Customer Stories

"As a Business Analyst, Toucan's helped me build great reports with incredible ease. This means more time spent on data performance and governance."

Business Analyst