Quick, easy, powerful mobile analytics 


no rebuilding or downloading required
mobile analytics playform

Zero-Clicks to Mobile


Most analytics platforms require users to leverage a special “mobile analytics app” or to redesign dashboards for mobile use. Or both. With Toucan, you build once and use everywhere.

      • Zero clicks required for mobile — just open the page on your phone or tablet
      • Nothing to install — no need to download special mobile analytic apps to see insights
      • Get the full Toucan experience — all charts, details, and context. Going mobile doesn't mean compromising. 

Mobile by Design


Have you ever seen those “mobile” apps that are clearly just lazy ports of desktop versions? Yeah, we hate them too.

      • Toucan looks and feels like a native mobile application (because it is)
      • No tiny touch targets or “micro-buttons” that require a magnifying glass to use
      • No left-to-right scrolling just to see the start and end of a chart
native mobile application
Toucan Dashboard

Make it your own


Since every Toucan dashboard is also a mobile Toucan dashboard, it’s easy to customize the mobile experience

  • Easily change colors individually or with theme sets
  • Add logos, images, typefaces, and backgrounds
  • Make it look like YOUR app — not a Toucan analytics app

Customer Stories

"Our field reps can now easily access their data from their smartphones and iPads. No complicated installation or sign-in processes."

Alexandre Batt - Commercial Excellence Director
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