Effortless Permission Management


The most powerful user permission management systems are useless if they're so complex that no one can figure them out. Toucan's user management combines power with simplicity so that you can easily assign the right permissions to the right users without the headaches.

  • Control access at app, role, user, or row levels
  • Drive workflows and story flows via user configuration
  • Configure default homepage dashboards by role or user

See what your users will see


With Toucan's "View As" feature, you can see exactly what a role or specific user will experience before deploying to production. The days of testing with fake users, roles, and passwords are over.

  • Ensure permissions are set as intended without simulating scenarios or connections
  • Test, adjust, and debug access rules in staging mode before deployment
  • Reduce the risk of shared "test accounts"

Flexible authentication for any situation


When working with data, security is critical. But that doesn't mean you don't also need flexibility. We have both.

  • Use industry-standard protocols such as SAMLv2 and OpenID connect
  • Mix IdP sources to cover all your identification needs
  • Combine multiple SSOs with local permissions databases


Cyber Security at Toucan

Toucan is committed to creating high-quality security.

Better understand our security and privacy management practices, as broken down within the 5 functions of the NIST framework. Find out how Toucan applies these Functions in its product.


Customer Stories

"Toucan's a safe platform that fits all the security needs of the enterprise. We used Toucan as the main platform to deliver key insights to our investors."

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