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From data to insight to outcome


  • Transform your customers 'data into highly engaging visualizations, dashboards, and reports to ensure you have the insights you need to make real-world decisions and capture monetization opportunities.
  • Ready-to-use apps, built-in story creation tools, and best-in-class visualizations are just a few of Toucan's features that are designed to impress any end-user. 
  • With built-in calls to action, context everywhere, smart alerts, and notifications, you'll get the "why" behind the "what."

Universal access


  • Deliver the scalable, differentiated solutions you and your customers need.

  • Streamline access to multiple data sources and make sure that critical insights are accessible by your team and your customers, in real-time and on any device.  

  • Analytics are designed to be set up and understood by anyone. Pre-built apps, Guided Design protocols, and the #1 rated ease-of-use by your peers will get you where you need to go.
Deploy anywhere with Toucan
Toucan Connectors

Connect to data, no matter where it lives 


  • Most firms have trouble making all data accessible to all stakeholders - not anymore! 
  • Toucan connects to your most important data sources in minutes. No more custom development or buying fragile adaptors. 
  • Handle both live and stored data, or even blend insights from both with just a few clicks. 

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Toucan truly highlights survey results and helps customers regain control over their salary projects.
Deloitte - Franck Cheron, Human Capital Partner