users across the country
8 apps
deployed in just 1 year
saved from manual reporting


  • 800+ salespeople and advisors wasted hours per week on manual reporting.
  • IT resisted change due to fear of eliminating previous BI work. 
  • Unscalable practices to reach 25,000+ users and 39 Regional Funds.



  • Automated, clear, easy-to-access reporting across all teams and devices.
  • ZERO training Data Storytelling apps deployed in record time across the country.
  • Toucan able to leverage previous work done in aging Legacy BI tool.



  • 86% monthly adoption across 800+ users.

  • 8 other use cases deployed in just 1 year.

  • $850,000 saved every year from manual reporting. 




CATS supports the Crédit Agricole Regional Banks in the transformation of their customer relationship through digital initiatives, by accelerating production cycles and by investing in the skills of the men and women of the company.

Key takeaways
  • 21 million customers
  • 1,550 employees
Banking dashboard
Toucan's incredible ease of use helped us deploy in record time. We've successfully aligned 800+ sales people in a matter of months!
- Patrick Perrin, Data Visualization Product Manager