From design to delivery, the embedded Toucan
is designed for a world-class experience for everyone


One-click deployment, automated workflows,

and 100s of data connectors make living

with Toucan easy


Easy embedding anywhere plus built-in adoption and engagement tools mean you'll be delivering value to customers in record time


From a class-leading interface and easy to use analytic story-telling, there's a reason Toucan is rated #1 for user satisfaction
< 30 days
from design to deployment, nothing's quicker than a Toucan
user adoption
(3x that of other platforms)
any data source, any number of users. Toucan is built for scale.
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Instant Value without the Training Hassles

  • Toucan uses visual design for everything — no code required!
  • Prototype designs (including demo data) and deploy with a click
  • Toucan by your side: tutorials, guided frameworks, chart library, and more — you're never on your own


Make it YOUR Toucan with Deep Customization

  • Complete white labeling let you reinforce your brand to users
  • A complete library of customizable charts at your fingertips
  • Use built-in palettes — or choose your own
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Power Behind the Beauty

  • Modular architecture means you'll be ready for future technology needs
  • Add new data sources — live or stored — in minutes with included connectors
  • Revolutionary YouPrepTM technology for no-code visual data preparation
  • Easy scaling — any data source, any numbers, and devices

Modernize Your Analytics Offering

  • 80%+ adoption rate — analytics that people will actually use!
  • No Ph.D. Required — powerful analytics wrapped in a user-friendly interface
  • Everywhere, Anywhere — mobile, PDF reports, embedded, cloud, on-premises, you name it. Toucan has no limits.
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Customer Stories

"In our product in less than 2 days! With Toucan, we saved 5 months of development and up to 180k in development cost."

Arnaud Sales - CPO & Co-Founder

"It took us less than 5 days to connect the data, build, and deploy our first analytics features inside our product."

Pierre Antoine Glandier - CTO

"It was easy to integrate. With Toucan we can build easy-to-understand and clear dashboards for our business users."

Xavier Casellato - CTO & cofounder

How it works

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Toucan named Leader in


Embedded Analytics


Learn why users love Toucan Toco and
how we compare to other vendors



My analytics are too specific. I need to develop them myself from scratch.

With +6y of experience in Analytics, we know that every little detail matters. Our goal was to offer a best-in- class experience for both developers and end-users, and we’ve done just that! We built our Embedded Analytics product with everything you need to build the Analytics features you’ve been dreaming of and we went to work for you (and more) to create generic features. You’re free to add any extra features you think are strongly specific and differentiating on top of Toucan.

It only takes a few weeks to build analytics. I don't really need Toucan.

As with any product, building in-product dashboarding isn’t just about the charts… It's a long journey that requires lots of resources. Developing analytics in-house means compromising on UX, performance and scalability due to limited resources and time. We’ve seen it with all the companies we work with! Toucan is finally here to solve all those issues. It’s quick to set up and is flexible enough to match any specific need, present and future !

Why should I externalize my analytics? I’m doing just fine on my own!

Building your own analytics from scratch is a lot of work and requires a lot of internal resources, but choosing the right partner can bring a lot of value to your product! Check out our contribution to the buy vs build debate!

Ready to fast-track your analytics?



The flexibility to meet you where you are.
The scalability to help you get where you're going.



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