Business Intelligence - What is it?

The term Business Intelligence has been around for about 20 years now. However, recent user-centric IT solutions have contributed to its democratisation. What are the fundamentals?

Business Intelligence (BI), is the set of tools and methods aimed at transmitting relevant information to company managers. Its aim is to help them understand their environment and to support them in their strategic decision-making. The user's needs are therefore at the heart of effective Business Intelligence.

>For who ?

Business Intelligence is aimed at the entire hierarchy of a company, in addition to its managers: the collection of data and its analysis allows each business to have a clear idea of the current state of its activity , the achievement of its objectives and to project itself into the future. It is used by sales, HR, finance, marketing teams and management boards.

>ToucanToco and the data storytelling

Our mission: to use pedagogy to transform complex raw data into interactive Dataviz and Stories. We create a software category: Data StoryTelling.

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