Aircall x Toucan : How Call Data Can Help Your Sales Teams


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Instinct used to be a salesperson's best friend. 

For decades, the best sales representatives relied on their understanding of human behavior to know when to place their most strategic phone calls. They picked up on subtle cues to determine which leads were worth chasing and which were not.

Things are slowly changing. Data driven tools are increasingly helping salespeople make better calls. The responsibilities of sales managers are also evolving: they need to allow their teams to access the most relevant data by putting the best tech tools are their disposal. 

This is a shared belief at both Aircall & Toucan: We specialize in making tech and data tools more accessible to help your sales teams do what they do best—sell. This is why we've teamed up to write a free ebook explaining how to leverage your data to help your sales teams. 

Why call data is important 

One thing hasn't changed much in the past decades when it comes to sales teams: the importance of the phone. 41.2% of salespeople say their phone is the most effective sales tool at their disposal (sales insights lab). When your teams spend so much time making phone calls, we believe access to call data dramatically improves the performance of your sales teams. 
We’ve seen it happen time and time again with our clients. On top of being flexible, digital phone solution systems have the advantage of tracking your activity and allowing you to analyze it and learn from it.
And in terms of cloud-based phone systems, Aircall is one of the best solutions on the market. If you already use Aircall, you’re familiar with the advantages of having a cloud-based call solution that offers you updated and in-real-time information about your team’s phone usage. If not, you can give it a try right here.

This is why we have built a free app that allows you to power up your use of Aircall. You can easily and safely connect to an intuitive and ready-to-use dashboard that will instantly show you your most important KPIs. Navigate seamlessly from a global view that shows you the general trends to a more detailed analysis of one particular industry or market. You can try it here

What is data storytelling FOR SALES TEAMS 

Simply put, data storytelling is the ability to tell a compelling story through data. And like any good story, it is tailored to suit its audience. This means personalizing the narrative so the listener gets exactly the information they need and clues as to what to do about it.

For instance, an SDR dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry in Germany will not need the same information as a sales manager for the EU region.

You might be thinking, well, isn’t this what data visualization is all about? Not really. Data visualization means transforming data into visual objects (graphs, diagrams, curves, maps…) to make it more readily understandable at first glance.

Data storytelling takes this a step further and puts the data in context so that anyone who looks at it can draw relevant conclusions: not just data analysts and business intelligence departments of large companies, but each and every employee. It means your sales representatives, too.

What KPIs CAN YOU track 

We have a lot of experience helping sales managers and sales reps monitor their calling activity and take better decisions to improve performance. This has allowed us to identify a number of useful KPIs and we've integrated them into the free Toucan dashboard tailored for Aircall. You can learn more about it by downloading our ebook or by heading here to discover your Instant Data Stories for free. 



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Table of Contents