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Get your Aircall Instant Data Stories

Monitor your calling activity & take better decisions to improve performance


Optimize your
calling schedule


Identify the best time slots to call your targets based
on observed performance.

Increase your
teams performance


Identify patterns over time and benchmark performance
across teams to take better decisions.


Accelerate your
decision making


Stay up-to-date with your Aircall data and leverage
your call tags to help you analyze your activity.

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Easy & safe data

Use your Aircall credentials to get
access to your data in the blink of
an eye. We rely on the safest protocols.

Compelling insights within
immediate reach

We created a dashboard with the
standard metrics of your domain.
Your only job: enjoy your first insights.

Unlock your insight culture
at scale, for free

Share insights from Aircall with your
team by inviting colleagues, sending
PDF reports, or commenting on stories.


How to get my app?

All you need to do is click on the button “Start playing for free” and follow a few quick steps, that will take less than a minute!
1. Fill the info requested on on our registration page
2. Create a Toucan Toco password and authorize data retrieval with your tool credentials (example: if you are using Instant data stories from your Aircall app, use your Aircall credentials)
3. There you go! In less than a minute you will see your instant data stories appear with a part of your data. In the meantime, we’ll load a year of data for you and let you know when it’s done!

Is it free?

Yes, it is completely free, no matter how many people from your company use it – share the fun with them! No need to subscribe or give any payment details!

How can I share the insights with my colleagues?

You want to spread the insight culture among your colleagues? We made it easy for you:
You can add colleagues to your app by clicking on the invite button, we recommend that you set them as “App owners”
You can share the data stories through our “PDF Report” feature. Click on the three dots on the bottom right of your screen, then click on “PDF Report”
You can use the presentation mode of your app for your meetings instead of running static presentations based on Excel or PowerPoint. Click on the three dots on the bottom right of your screen, then click on “New Presentation”

Can I change the data stories in my app?

We made our instant data stories simple, so you don’t need to put any effort into setting it up or adapt the design. You want to give us feedback on how to improve our existing instant data stories? Please reach out at:
You want more features to customize your app and plug it to other data sources, leave us your email here so we can reach out to present our data storytelling platform connected on multiple sources.