delight your users
with a modern analytics experience
10x faster
than building in-house
with extensive customization tools
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Give Your UX a Makeover


Make our market-leading user experience your own to deliver the engaging, easily digestible data insights your customers are asking for.

Deliver Live, Actionable Insights


Put real-time data directly in the hands of your customers— accessible anywhere, any time, and from any device.

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Flexible, Customizable Platform


Make the dashboards your own with a highly customizable, fully white labeled platform. With over 300+ connectors and API-friendly tech, connect to virtually any data source in just a few clicks.

Upgrading Your Interface is Easy


Set up your cloud-based analytics offering in days, not months. Our no-code solution saves you the extensive time and resources needed to build in-house.

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Modernizing your platform?

See how it's done, with Toucan

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Your Questions Answered

How does Toucan keep customer data secure?

Sleep soundly knowing your data is safe. The data centers we use are certified with the highest security standards in the industry. The data in transit is completely encrypted and we also offer encryption for data at rest if you choose to cache any of your data on our servers.

Does Toucan allow me to connect to any data source?

Because we are built on open-sourced technologies, we’re able to connect to pretty much any data source. We offer a range of connectors as well as API connectivity that allows you to connect to the data source(s) of your choice.

What customization capabilities does the platform offer?

It’s important that your analytics offering looks and feels like an extension of your product. Our platform is highly customizable in look and feel and you can match your font, colors, and format to fit your brand standards.

Why should I partner with Toucan?

Toucan makes modernizing your software offering one step easier. By leaving the analytics to us, you can quickly and easily integrate Toucan’s market-leading dashboarding experience into your own product to deliver the instant data insights your customers are asking for.