Testimonial: Pierre-Antoine G., Co-founder & CTO at Libeo

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Can you pitch us Libeo? What is your mission, who your users are?

P-A Glandier: Libeo is the business payment platform for small and mid-size companies. We want to facilitate how accountants, CFO, and managers handle their accounts payable.

Truth is, most are still lost in a pile of paper invoices, they lose time and risk human error along with penalties when missing a deadline. We faced this pain in our previous experiences as entrepreneurs.

With Libeo we want to :

  • make it as easy as possible to manage and pay those invoices
  • make those invoices visible and actionable.


In short, what is my cash position going to be in the next 2 months? What have I bought from this supplier during the last 6 months?

So, why were analytics needed in the first place?

P-A Glandier: It was clear for us since the creation of Libeo that we wanted to give companies manager visibility on their spending: track evolution over time, zoom in by category or suppliers, build projection.

To do this, we knew we would need analytics/dashboarding/data visualization capabilities at some point.

When going over the implementation, what was your analysis? Why did you choose Toucan?

P-A Glandier: Well, until now we’ve developed most of our products in-house. But we knew that analytics was going to be different because of the sheer cost and complexities of those features.

As we strive to remain focused on our core mission and building it ourselves would have been a huge defocus.

So we turned to the tools we knew and used in the team such as Mode. But it felt not if right for our users who are not data experts: they’re pragmatic managers who need to quickly access clear and clean data on their smartphone while having the ability to drill when required.

And we trust Toucan to help us build such analytics. Meanwhile, we share the same values when it comes to pragmatism, test and learn, etc… which is a nice extra.

Why launching now?

P-A Glandier: We believe our users need assistance to manage their finances more than ever. We’ve seen a lot of new users’ adoption since the beginning of the crisis as business managers are looking for ways to steer their cash.

We wanted to give our users a better visualization of it and levers to make decisions in those hard times. That’s also why we decided to offer our services during the crisis: it’s our way to help.

So, what’s next? What’s going to happen in the next couple of weeks?

P-A Glandier: We are building a first set of simple visualizations and will make them available to all our users in the coming weeks.

Building this first use case is also part of our onboarding on Toucan, we aim at becoming fully autonomous to go after our other analytics use cases. We have a long list!


Want to know more? Watch the webinar (French only)

About Toucan TOco

Our mission: tell Business Performance Stories through interactive Data and Data Storytelling.

Our users: Marketing, Production, Finance, Human Resources, SalesForces, and Top management of Big Companies.

From 4 partners to 90 employees in 5 years, we were self-financed until 2019, thanks to the support of more than 100 clients, for more than 300 projects, including Renault, Crédit Agricole, Elior, Icade, Nexity, EDF, GRDF, BNP Paribas, Heineken, Marques Avenue, Euler Hermes, BIC, SNCF…

We have completed our first funding from Balderton Capital and the former founder of Business Object to accelerate our development in the United States.

Small apps are mobile, easy to use, made for action, and easy to set up in any information system.


You will find there :

  • A strong culture, based on caring and goodwill
  • We build values together, one of them is “each one teach one”. We are teachers and learners, for each other
  • A strong software exciting to create, setup, market or sell
  • A fast-growing company, where you can grow too
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