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In the BI world where data is king, Toucan Guided Analytics stands out by putting people in the forefront. Guided Analytics makes insights easy to understand and scale, even if you're not a data scientist. This new kind of approach has led several companies to step away from traditional BI systems to get real results. 

So it's no surprise that Toucan, the Guided Analytics pioneer, received the 2022 Industry Excellence Award in the Business Intelligence category from Dresner Advisory Services. This is the first time our company has won this top honor from the industry thought leader.

Industry Excellence Awards

The annual Industry Excellence Awards acknowledge vendors who have achieved leadership position according to market studies in Analytical Data Infrastructure (ADI), Business Intelligence (BI) and/or Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).  Toucan is recognized as an Experience Leader and a Trust Leader in the Business Intelligence industry.

Industry Excellence Award Winner

The annual flagship market reports provide comprehensive, user-derived analysis. Each report is based on data collected from users and provide a broad assessment of current usage, key drivers, technology priorities and future intentions. The studies also include an unbiased assessment of vendor performance based solely on the input of end users: 

The Customer Experience model considers the real-world experience of customers who work with the solution on a daily basis and their feelings surrounding the product and technology. 

The Vendor Credibility model considers a vendor’s relationship with customers, plotting perceived value for price paid against a calculated “confidence” score. 

The 2022 Industry Excellence Awards were presented to 29 vendors across six categories: Overall Leader, Customer Experience Leader, Technology Leader, Service Leader, Credibility Leader, and Trust Leader. Toucan was recognized as a leader in two categories.

industry excellence award 2022

A Customer Experience Leader 

Customer Experience Leaders are vendors who demonstrate high levels of sales and service, as well as product/technology. This is the case for Toucan, which since the beginning of the year has signed several dozen new customers (big companies, Fortune 500 and also mid-market SaaS companies). With hundreds of customers worldwide who use guided analytics on a day-to-day basis, the team at Toucan works hard to ensure each and every user has the best experience possible.

“Toucan has cornered the market on customer service and without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today,”  said Courtney Toller, App Developer of DC Power, a long time client of Toucan.

"Toucan has cornered the market on customer service"

Like all software vendors, we’re proud of our product’s qualities and strengths and want to shout them out from every rooftop. However, we are lucky enough to have clients who are willing to take time out of their day to participate in market reports, just to talk about their experience with Toucan. These real and unbiased customer reviews can help gain clearer visibility and form an informed opinion on the value that our data analytics product generates. We couldn't be more thankful for these market recognitions.

a Trust Leader

Trust leaders are vendors whose customers reported a solid perceived confidence. As such, Toucan has attracted the trust of more than 180 companies, has already renewed more than a hundred contracts since January 2022, has an NPS of close to 50% according to an internal study and since 2014 has continued to consolidate its growth.

“We are thrilled that the service provided by our Guided Analytics platform, the work of our teams and the daily support they provide to our clients have been rewarded by the award of this independent analyst recognized in the data world. This encourages us to go further and offer new innovative functionalities and to continue developing technological partnerships.” said Baptiste Jourdan, co-founder of Toucan.

The year 2022 for Toucan will be highlighted by the release of the new version of Toucan, which will be the leader in Guided Analytics with more product capabilities on connections, data preparation, live data and "must haves" that allow customers to collaborate and make data actionable on a daily basis.


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Toucan is a cloud-based, guided analytics platform with one goal in mind: reduce the complexity of bringing insights from data to business users. From data connections to the distribution of insights anywhere they're needed, Toucan makes it easy. As a result, they see the highest user adoption in the industry at 80%+, compared to an industry average of just 30%. Toucan is trusted by more than 150 clients worldwide, from global corporations to fast-growth tech companies. For more information, visit:


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