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Definition: The role of marketing teams


Marketing teams are responsible for boosting the sales of a company’s products or goods. These teams perform market analyses, determine their target audience, set goals and figure out the best approaches to communications and advertising tasks. They work in close collaboration with sales teams.

Marketers have many different tasks, and they require a large amount of data to do them – including data related to markets, competition, clients, and other opportunities offered by their .products. They also have to develop communications, promotion and advertising strategies.

To accomplish all of this, marketing professionals need to :

  • Communicate regularly with members of their team, making proposals and constantly seeking out the best ways to promote their product

  • Have the knowledge and skills required to use office and statistical tools and software

  • Be able to interpret the actions of their target audience

  • Keep track of changes to offerings, and the various different needs related to these

  • Be able to effectively use social media

Common challenges for marketing teams


The main problem encountered by marketing teams is not being able to view indicators on their dashboards that truly allow them to see the impact that their marketing activities are having on the company.

Here are a few figures :

  • Eight out of ten marketers state that they are satisfied with their marketing strategy’s effectiveness, but one-third of these feel that their general manager is not.

  • One marketing professional out of four in B2B companies feels misunderstood by management.

  • One out of two companies do not provide basic indicators that are essential to the work of marketing professionals

  • 61% of marketing departments do not have a dashboard

It’s clear that marketing teams, though they play a key role in the company, are faced with two major difficulties: communication challenges and a lack of effective tools.

What do marketing teams need

The needs of marketing teams reflect the many different tasks that they are responsible for: some needs that our prospects have expressed in this area include :

  • Being able to better manage their media investments

  • An ability to effectively share marketing studies (related to products, customer, relationship management, surveys, and markets) with the rest of the company, especially with management

  • Being able to better manage marketing activities via a day-by-day overview of the • main KPIs of their products/markets by geographical region

  • Being able to more effectively measure the conversion rate of prospects and lead • .generation, which will also facilitate communication with sales teams

In order to achieve these objectives, marketing teams need access to a dashboard that is designed for marketing professionals.

How to create effective marketing reports?


Effective marketing reporting requires access to tools that allow marketers to get the most out of their data. They also need to be able to use this data to make the best possible decisions in their work.

That’s where data visualization comes in. What is data visualization?

Data visualization is the art of depicting data in a fun and creative way, beyond the possibilities of Excel tables. In a way, it’s like setting figures to music.” Charles Miglietti, co-founder of  Toucan Toco

Data visualization is a way of expressing raw data by transforming it into visual information, such as bar graphs, curves and maps. It is an extremely powerful communication tool and saves a great deal of time on data analysis.

An example of data visualization

We would like to analyze the number of visits for several countries in Europe. All the data we need is available to us in the table below – but does it really allow you to look at it and quickly? See a trend, per country, over the past 5 years.

reporting marketing

Let’s show the same data on a map, using colors to convey the information. Isn’t the data much clearer this way?

reporting marketing

Our brains are, above all, visual. 80% of the information that we perceive every day is dedicated to analyzing images. This is also applicable to companies. Imagine how powerful this kind of tool could be when it’s used with strategic and actionable data. Understanding this data quickly means making the right decisions at the right times.

The applications that we develop give marketing, sales, HR and other teams the tools they need, through a combination of reporting and dashboards, a wide variety of relevant indicators, an easy-to-use interface, and the ability to access data anywhere, even offline. Our strength is data storytelling – creating a narrative with your data.

Want to know more? Discover PSA’s experience with Toucan Toco. They chose this solution to deal with their marketing problematics.


Charles Miglietti, co-founder @Toucan Toco


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