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Data without action is just a series of numbers. 

This is what we believe, here at Toucan. And while we think analytics are important, analytics alone will have no effect on your bottom line if you don’t pair them with relevant actions. 

The problem is most analytics platforms are not built for action. They allow you to understand and study your numbers, sometimes drill-down to get to the root cause of a trend, but that’s it. You’re on your own to figure out what to do next.



That’s a problem we wanted to tackle with our new guided business analytics platform, Toucan 2.0.

Business analytics: that’s what we do, which means we bridge the gap between analytics and concrete business actions. Helping you build compelling data stories in our Data Storytelling studio is not enough, we assist you in the next steps too.

Let’s walk you through the features of the Action Center of our Toucan 2.0 platform.

Why? Where? When? How? Add context to data

Dropdown menus and filter panels 

Have you ever felt lost in front of a chart? Well, you’re not alone. Most non-expert users have had an “OK… So what?” moment while looking up their numbers. And there’s nothing worse than seeing important metrics plummet without knowing what to do about it. Or seeing great performances without understanding what you’re doing right and how to keep it up. With Toucan, this will be a thing of the past. 

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Toucan makes it easy for chart builders to add context, explanations and tips everywhere. Everyone looking at the charts will have the full context and understand what’s going on and what to do next. Maybe your October numbers are really down. Maybe there was a problem with data entry that month. Maybe there’s a strong seasonality effect and a slight drop in autumn is to be expected. Don’t settle for the “what” when you can also have the “why”.

Glossary features

What’s a customer? What’s a qualified lead? What counts as a conversion? Oftentimes, these definitions are not clear enough across the same company. Sales teams say one thing, marketing teams understand another, and data teams a third thing altogether. That’s a recipe for disaster. What you need is a clear glossary that puts everyone on the same page. And this is what we’ve built for Toucan: a comprehensive glossary that allows you to define every vocabulary word or KPI. So no important information is ever missed.


Highlight important information 

Annotate anything

“- See that drop on the chart? 

- Which chart? 

- The one on the second page, but you have to apply the country filter and then restrict the date range to 2021…”

We don't want you to have to have these conversations again. That’s why Toucan allows you to annotate any chart and directly send it over with your notes and comments. Highlight important trends and draw attention where it is needed. The people you work with will spend less time trying to figure out what the chart says and more time reacting. 

Create smart alerts 

Alerting systems are important, they prompt action whenever needed and help you stay on top of your business. With Toucan, you can set alerts whenever a certain metric drops below or rises above a certain threshold. But that’s not all. You can also set smart alerts with multiple conditions. For instance, if sales numbers drop for a certain store, you can send the store manager an alert only if the numbers for the whole franchise have remained the same: it means that the problem is with their store specifically. If every store has experienced the same drop in numbers, then the problem probably can’t be solved at store-level and you’ll need to alert the headquarters. 

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Kick-start conversations 

From Toucan to your inbox 

Email is not dead. In many companies, it’s still the main way of doing business. If that’s the case within your organization, you can send data stories or charts via email directly from Toucan, along with your comments or notes. You can also automate reports to be sent at any given time straight to the inbox of relevant stakeholders.

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Just ping them!

You and your teammates are way over emails? No problem! Toucan allows you to send annotated charts through Slack or MS Teams to the channel of your choice. Keep everyone updated in just one click. 

Want to give our action center a try?  Just head here! 

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