Collaborate with your team. Or partners. Or vendors. Or...


Toucan is built to be social, designed for sharing. It's made for collaboration with everyone and anyone. Because data insights are best when shared.


  • Use MS Teams or Slack integrations
  • Add comments, notes, and other annotations right inside Toucan

Get the "why" behind the "what"


All analytic platforms tell you what just happened — only Toucan tells you why things are occurring. We think that's important and we bet you will, too.


  • Push AI contextual insights that explain why patterns & trends are occurring and leverage your AI or ML investment
  • See recommendations for actions to be taken
  • Click links that take you directly to the next step or action you should take

Built-in call to action


Sometimes users need a little guidance, a little prompt for the next steps they might want to take. Toucan has you covered with built-in calls to action.


  • Embed links or even video alongside charts and other analytics
  • Dynamically control message content based on user, role, or chart type


Smart Alerts & Notifications

Simple threshold-based alerts just aren't enough for businesses where data is changing rapidly. Toucan's "Smart Alerts" let you keep pace with the changing business situation.

  • Choose push or email-based notifications to users
  • Create "Notification Journeys" that guide users from onboarding through maximum effectiveness
  • Customize notifications per language, event, and user categories in just a few clicks



Customer Stories

"Toucan’s built-in Action Center guides our users into their next steps. As a BI Practitioner, this has helped me save immense time and energy trying to design dashboards and coach users."

Administrator - Pharmaceuticals