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There is no doubt that we have access to more business-related apps and SaaS tools today than ever before. No matter what type of business you have or what type of services you provide, there is a chance that you have an array of advanced, feature-rich tools and apps available to help you out. In fact, with so many SaaS tools and platforms at their disposal, most business leaders get overwhelmed by the decision of choosing the one tool that deserves their (and their team’s) attention.

To be frank, today’s market is extremely diverse. Most SaaS tools in the market are unique and are packed with a powerful set of features and functionalities. Now, finding a tool that does everything you need can seem like an overly complicated “techie” task.  


That being said, below we’ve listed several good project management software and SaaS applications or tools that every business or team should appreqciate. But before we get into the specifics, it is important that you create a simple outline of what you actually need and how you can evaluate the available options. Do this and you will surely be able to discover your greatest “bang for the buck” opportunity.

1. Toucan

Customer-facing embedded analytics

Best embedded analytics SaaS Product for your company

Democratize data and create a data-driven decision-making environment for all teams with Toucan.

Toucan is one of the leading SaaS tools and the highest-rated customer-facing analytics software in the market today.

Companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprise teams, use this embedded analytics platform to bring data analytics and actionable insights to all of their business users.

This embedded analytics platform offers tons of features to cater to any project and workflow preferences and integrates with best databases technologies. The ability to customize every part of the platform is what makes Toucan a perfect SaaS example.

Key features

  • Low-code analytics platform
  • Full white label capabilities
  • Customizable security level
  • Collaborative comments section and glossary
  • Ability to annotate and share charts and graphs
  • Dashboards with real-time reporting
  • Goal tracking
  • Multiple customizable filters
  • Customized pricing plans based on your needs
  • Analytics can be viewed on any device without loss of context
  • Easy to embed in any existing product


Another imperative feature of this SaaS analytics platform is its ability to consolidate your data from multiple sources and aggregate all of them to provide the best view using analytics, replacing traditional BI software with a more modern solution for customer-facing embedded analytics.

The benefits of using Toucan go beyond increasing work efficiency and creating consistent and scalable processes—among many other pros, Toucan also offers the best customer support in the analytics industry to help you get the most out of the platform.

Check out Toucan’s platform

2. HubSpot 

CRM Software

Best SaaS CRM product for your software company

The HubSpot CRM suite of products is one of the most popular cloud-based tools for sales, marketing, and customer relationship management. Hubspot's ability to serve as a one-stop shop for all your business needs makes it a great SaaS company.

Key features

  • Automated CRM database and workflows
  • Marketing reporting and metrics
  • CRM with in-depth insights into contacts
  • Email analytics
  • Website management
  • Dashboards


Currently serving more than 113,925 customers (and counting) across 120+ countries, HubSpot remains one of the top SaaS providers due to its integrated marketing, sales, customer service, content management system, and operations capabilities. 

As a result of these hubs, businesses are able to streamline their operations, maximize their sales, nurture leads, improve their operations, and deliver a superior customer experience. 

3. Salesforce

CRM Software

15 best SaaS products for software companies

As a leading SaaS tool for customer relationship management (CRM), Salesforce is a market leader. It is designed to help businesses connect with current and prospective customers, close more deals, and provide excellent customer service. 

Key features

  • Process automation
  • Account management 
  • Contact management 
  • Lead management
  • Reports and dashboards 
  • Pipeline and forecast management


The SaaS application is one of the top performing CRM platforms and is attractive to businesses worldwide due to its cloud computing capabilities. As a matter of fact, over 150,000 businesses utilize Salesforce to integrate departments and nurture customer relationships. 

Using Salesforce CRM, sales, marketing, and support teams can easily keep track of leads, gain a deeper understanding of their target market, and stay in touch with them throughout the customer journey.

4. Slack

Enterprise Messaging Software

Best SaaS messaging platform for software companies

As a leading cloud-based workplace communication tool, Slack is among the leading companies in this space. As a top SaaS product and a game-changer in today's collaborative workspace, Slack centralizes team communication and allows quick information sharing—a revolution that revolutionizes how organizations communicate.  

Millions of businesses rely on this channel-based messaging platform to align their teams, unify their systems, and grow their businesses.

Key features

  • App integrations
  • Public and private channels 
  • Built-in voice and video conferencing
  • @mentions 
  • File sharing 
  • Mobile access
  • Real-time notifications
  • Emoji reactions
  • Custom emojis
  • Secure, enterprise-grade environment
  • Integration with project management tools
  • Integration with employee relationship management tools


When Slack is used as the primary communication tool at work, teams can communicate instantly, create and join channels that pertain to their role, receive team or company updates, and send files via chat.

5. Buffer

Social Media Management Software

best SaaS management platform for software companies

In order to help small businesses grow their social media presence, engage customers, and grow an audience organically, Buffer provides a social media management platform. 

The Buffer suite of products enables users to improve their social media marketing strategy through three easy steps: Analyze, Publish, and Engage: analyze results, plan and schedule content, and engage with your audience.

Key features

  • Content management
  • Multi-account management
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Reporting, statistics, analytics
  • Social media monitoring
  • ROI tracking
  • Post scheduling


Over 140,000+ users in 15 countries use this SaaS application across many different industries, including Shopify, Intercom, and many others.

6. DocuSign

Digital Signature Software

Best SaaS DocuSign Platform for software companies

By turning every business agreement entirely digital to capture e-signature, DocuSign replaces the traditional approach of signing paper documents and speeds up the process by tenfold.

By using this SaaS solution, people are able to prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements in a more efficient manner. Through its eSignature feature, both parties participating in the process are able to sign virtually from any device, anywhere, at any time - accelerating business processes and simplifying people's lives.

Key features

  • Extensive file type support
  • PDF form conversion
  • Standard and custom tags and fields
  • Cloud storage integration
  • PowerForms
  • Comments
  • Drawing

With more than a billion users in more than 180 countries, including some of the most security-conscious Fortune 500 companies, DocuSign is one of the most secure and reliable SaaS applications on the market.

7. Apty

Digital Adoption Software

Best SaaS adoption product for software companies

Apty is a digital adoption platform that helps enterprise companies optimize their business processes, including onboarding, training, and process compliance.

Key features: 

  • User onboarding/ training management
  • Data quality control 
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Multi-language
  • Self-service portal 
  • Mobile learning
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Surveys 


Around 70% of all digital transformation initiatives fail due to a variety of factors, including lack of resources, resistance to change, lack of alignment, or lack of stakeholder support. In order to overcome these challenges, Apty provides tools such as onboarding, validation, and analytics.

With the help of this SaaS provider, you can maximize the ROI of your enterprise's technology stack and reduce training and support costs by up to 80%.

8. MailChimp

Lead Management Software

Best SaaS email platform for software companies

With MailChimp, you can grow your audience and revenue with an all-in-one marketing platform that manages leads and emails.

In addition to sending marketing emails, setting up automated messages, creating landing pages, creating targeted ad campaigns, selling online, and aiding in reporting and analytics, this tool is designed to help users improve their sales.

Key features: 

  • Automated scheduling
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Lead capture and nurturing 
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Template management
  • Campaign, segmentation, management, and analytics


More than 667,680 companies around the world are using MailChimp to reach and exceed their marketing and sales goals as of the end of 2022.

9. Zapier

Automation platform/ Cloud Integration Software

Best SaaS automation for software companies

Using Zapier, users can automate their work across 5,000+ apps to streamline workflows and improve work efficiency.

Key features:

  • Rule-based workflow/ workflow management
  • Business process automation
  • Dashboard
  • No-code
    Pre-built connectors
  • Integration management 
  • API
  • ETL


Zapier's State of Business Automation Report for 2021 found that 94% of small and medium-sized business workers perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks. A further 88% of SMBs reported that automation has enabled them to compete with larger companies. 

Users will find this SaaS example valuable because it automates social media postings, contracts, data entry, sales outreach, lead flow, and team updates. As well as automating your most time-consuming busy work, such as data entry and invoice management, it saves mental energy and time for the more important aspects of your business.

10. Ahrefs

SEO/ Web Optimization Software

Best SaaS SEO product for software company

Among the most popular and trusted search engine optimization software suites in the world, Ahrefs is one of the best. Marketing professionals can utilize these tools to optimize their content and maximize their growth potential.

Digital marketers can gather crucial information about backlinks using SEO tools for link building, site audits, keyword research, rank tracking, and competitor analysis to streamline all of their marketing efforts and achieve higher Google rankings. 

Key features: 

  • Keyword research for search engines
  • Clicks data
  • Total search traffic estimation
  • Backlink growth or decline over time
  • SERP history 
  • Outbound link monitoring
  • Keyword ranking alerts 
  • Instantly analyze internal backlinks 

11. Culture Amp

Employee Engagement Software

Best SaaS employee product for software company

Culture Amp is an all-in-one employee engagement solution that helps HR practitioners and people managers improve employee experience and build competitive advantage by putting the culture first.

Key features

  • 360-degree feedback
    Anonymous feedback
  • Compensation management
  • Customizable templates
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Individual development plans
  • Skills assessment
  • Reports and analytics
  • And more


Modern psychology, an on-demand platform, and collective intelligence combine in this app to provide features such as performance reviews, goal tracking, continuous development, and more.

A leading private cloud provider, Culture Amp has over 6,000 clients, including startups and Fortune 500 companies. It has been named one of Forbes' top private cloud providers and one of Fast Company's most innovative workplace companies. 

SaaS tools such as this are highly regarded by companies for their capabilities in facilitating performance management, employee engagement, and the development of high-performing teams. 

12. Quip

Document Management Software

Best SaaS document platform for software company

In addition to providing real-time CRM data, Quip is a team collaboration and productivity platform by Salesforce that provides a modern built-in collaboration solution.

Key features: 

  • Workflow management
  • Document management
  • Offline mode
  • Discussions and forums
  • Team or 1-1 chat/ real-time chat and editing
  • File sharing 
  • Status tracking
  • Mobile access 


SaaS provider offers some of the most commonly used work tools within Salesforce-use documents, spreadsheets, chat, and more to assist with real-time sales planning without exiting the platform. By using its commenting and chat features, users can communicate directly with other team members within a document, saving time and facilitating more efficient collaboration. 

13. Editor X

Web Creation Platform

Best SaaS web creation platform for software companies

Designed exclusively for web professionals and designers, Editor X is a powerful web creation platform.

Key features:

  • Fluid design
  • Freedom of CSS grid layouts
  • Content automatically adjusts to every screen
  • Hundreds of designer-made components
  • Drag and drop interface


The user experience is enhanced by this SaaS example's cutting-edge responsive design and a drag-and-drop interface. There is the ability to add custom codes, create complex sites with leading design and layout capabilities, and interact with users without having to write code.

Within this tool, there is also a powerful CMS built in that allows the creation of data-driven sites and complex web applications, as well as the management of website content by collaborators. As a result, unwanted changes are prevented from those outside of the permitted collaborators.

14. UserGuiding

User Onboarding Software

best SaaS onboarding platform for software companies

By providing interactive user onboarding walkthroughs, UserGuiding improves product adoption rates and reduces churn.

SaaS examples like this one are great for those wishing to quickly create step-by-step product walkthroughs, interactive guides, checklist widgets, tooltips, resource centers, and more. As a result of its drag-and-drop functionality, no technical expertise is required.

Key features: 

  • Self-service tools
  • Product launch management
  • In-app training
  • Contextual guidance
  • Audience targeting
  • Reporting/ analytics 
  • Activity dashboard

Additionally, Userguilding offers great analytics that can be used to help create personalized experiences through tracking the performance of walkthroughs, tours, tutorial pop-ups, and other features. 

15. Planable

Social Media Management Software

15 Best SaaS products for software companies

Planable is a social media and workflow tool designed to assist marketers, freelancers, and teams in improving planning, collaboration, and approval processes.

Key features: 

  • A centralized hub for social media campaigns
  • Real-time collaboration—exchange feedback and iteration in real-time
  • Grid view for arranging and previewing content before posting
  • Schedule posts across social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Social media calendar


Using this SaaS tool, creators and clients can plan posts, visualize content, and collaborate within the platform in real-time, creating an efficient process for client feedback and implementation. As a result, you will be able to speed up the approval process. 

In seven years, the market for SaaS software is expected to grow from $31.5 billion to an estimated $171.9 billion. The United States has the most SaaS companies in the world with approximately 17,000, followed by the United Kingdom which has 2,000 SaaS providers. Through 2025, it is predicted that the U.S. will remain at the top of the world's largest SaaS market at this rate and by a considerable margin, while other market leaders, such as Europe, Latin America, and Asia, will continue to see exponential growth, while the race to develop the next big SaaS applications continues!



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