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Making our public data accessible to our public partners has helped align everyone & act collectively to better address territorial deficiencies.
TERRITORIAL AGENCY - J. Rapp, General Manager
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Access & leverage public data quickly & easily


Reinforce the data acculturation of citizens, elected officials, or your team with Toucan's clear, centralized, and contextualized, interface. Answer the critical questions of officials, monitor the development of your community, and provide clear answers to your citizens quickly and easily thanks to Toucan's built-in guided design.

Collaborate to ensure community development

Collaborate effortlessly with both your team and external public partners thanks to Toucan's built-in collaborative environment. Put your users on the same page with Toucan's Glossary. Start a data-driven conversation around a local challenge, a department (budget, education, infrastructure), or a political project, thanks to Toucan's Annotate & Share feature. 

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US-based and 100% secure


Toucan Toco is headquartered and hosted in the US in top-tiered data centres. Whether your data is on-premises or in the Cloud, rest assured it will remain confidential and protected under US law.

Instantly accessible on all devices and formats


Access your data from any device with 0 additional development or maintenance. Drastically reduce deployment time, expected maintenance, and expert resources required thanks to Toucan's adaptive and built-in user experience. 

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Share the impact of your policies through a Data Portal designed for both citizens and your partners in the public sector.

Elected Officials

Centralize your CRM or Specialized Software data and manage your team, community and policies from a no-training, central interface.

Customer Stories

“By adding context to insights, Toucan's helped reinforce the trust our citizens had in the state's action towards the french economic growth plan".

Stéphane Trainel - Head of Data - French Ministry of the Economy.