Seamless integration
Live data and direct querying pushed from Alteryx
Scale with security
Best-in-class authentication system
Accelerate time to insight
With heightened data storytelling experience
“Toucan’s platform will be a strong partner for our customers looking for seamless collaboration on their data and a robust customer-facing analytics experience.”
Alteryx - Jay Henderson, SVP of Product Management

Maximize the power & speed of data insights

Dashboard - Alteryx
  • Unlock value from complex MongoDB aggregations with Toucan’s a simple, step-by-step data storytelling UI

  • Let business users build pixel-perfect dashboards without IT support or intervention

  • Get visual insights in minutes, not hours, from the Toucan Visual Query Builder designed for MongoDB

Unleash your Alteryx data in Toucan



  • Effortlessly prep, cleanse, and transform data within the Alteryx environment

  • Unlock value from Alteryx workflows with Toucan’s simple, step-by-step data storytelling UI

  • Get visual insights in minutes, not hours, from the Toucan data visualization Builder designed for Alteryx

Scale rich insights
& empower business users


  • Let business users build pixel-perfect dashboards without IT support or intervention
  • Bring Data Storytelling capabilities to Alteryx and tell data stories in real-time for fast decision-making
  •  Keep data both powerful and safeguarded in a virtualized multi-tenant architecture

Create insightsimmediately with existing skills & staff

Toucan Datahub
  • Current staff can query and build data visualizations on MongoDB without any coding or other specialists skills

  • No need to reserve budget when deploying MondoDB to hire, train, or contract MongoDB Query Language (MQL) expertise

  • Toucan’s Visual Query Builder achieves quicker time to insight and value for MongoDB implementations

Go Live: direct querieson MongoDB, no additional data prep

Alteryx - Toucan Connection (2)
  • Toucan’s Visual Query Builder accesses data in MongoDB directly after a native, secure, one-click integration

  • No need for additional investment in third-party data tools or services for data duplication, ingestion or remodelling

  • Generate faster insights and better decisions by conducting storytelling on a single source of truth

Go with the flow: streamlined connection

  • Access to data in Alteryx directly after a native, secure, one-click integration

  • Quickly link, map, and launch insight-driven dashboards.  No need to start data prep from scratch

  • Go further with your data investments and foster greater user engagement through data storytelling

A customer-facing analytics experience


  • Tell data stories in real-time by deploying dashboards, instantly accessible by anyone, on any device. 

  • Grant instant, safe access to actionable data insights for your entire organization as well as external business users  

  • Add additional data sources with just a few clicks, and use it all for analysis and visualization

All your data not yet in MongoDB? No problem.

Alteryx - annotate & share
  • Toucan’s data storytelling can draw on a combination of MongoDB data and data from other sources

  • Add additional data sources with just a few clicks, and use it all for analysis and visualization

  • Gain insight from complete data sets even if it all has not yet been migrated into MongoDB

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What benefits does the Alteryx connector offer?

Get the best of both tools thanks to this new connector. The Alteryx connector bridges the gap between diverse skill sets, allowing collaboration among data analysts, BI teams, and end users. It facilitates transparent business discussions focused on action and decision-making rather than getting lost in chart accuracy or data interpretation intricacies. It also aims to democratize data usage by freeing up technical constraints, allowing both technical and non-technical users to contribute effectively.

What deployment model does Toucan follow?

Toucan is deployed as a software as a service (SaaS) and OnPremise, ensuring users benefit from cloud security standards without worrying about upgrades, backups, or monitoring.

How does Toucan facilitate implementation and maintenance for users?

Toucan focuses on facilitating deployment and maintenance by offering a secure system from authentication to multi-tenant architecture. It seamlessly integrates with Alteryx Designer, enabling users to craft compelling data stories without worrying about sensitive information becoming visible.

Can Toucan bring in data simultaneously from Alteryx and other data sources?

Yes, and in real or differed times. You can connect to a data source either with a live connection or by storing data in Toucan. Combine these two modes to get the right balance between clear data governance, data performance and cost efficiency.