coding skills not required
Data storytelling on MongoDB by existing staff
no additional prep
live data and direct querying of MongoDB
10x quicker insights
10x more Security on MongoDB Atlas
“Toucan and MongoDB are a powerful combination: for the first time, both the IT and I came out winning in a situation. Quick, secure, scalable & easy to manage insights at scale.”

Maximize the power & speed of data insights


  • Unlock value from complex MongoDB aggregations with Toucan’s a simple, step-by-step data storytelling UI

  • Let business users build pixel-perfect dashboards without IT support or intervention

  • Get visual insights in minutes, not hours, from the Toucan Visual Query Builder designed for MongoDB

Create insights
immediately with existing skills & staff


  • Current staff can query and build data visualizations on MongoDB without any coding or other specialists skills

  • No need to reserve budget when deploying MondoDB to hire, train, or contract MongoDB Query Language (MQL) expertise

  • Toucan’s Visual Query Builder achieves quicker time to insight and value for MongoDB implementations


Go Live: direct queries
on MongoDB, no additional data prep


  • Toucan’s Visual Query Builder accesses data in MongoDB directly after a native, secure, one-click integration

  • No need for additional investment in third-party data tools or services for data duplication, ingestion or remodelling

  • Generate faster insights and better decisions by conducting storytelling on a single source of truth

All your data not yet in MongoDB? No problem.


  • Toucan’s data storytelling can draw on a combination of MongoDB data and data from other sources

  • Add additional data sources with just a few clicks, and use it all for analysis and visualization

  • Gain insight from complete data sets even if it all has not yet been migrated into MongoDB



Where are user permissions set up?

Permissions can be setup in your MongoDB environment or in Toucan’s User Administration interface. Thanks to the oAuth2.0 protocol, your user permissions in MongoDB can be automatically synced onto Toucan to give your business users an immediate and safe access to their own data, without the intervention of a third party.

Can you do Direct Queries from Toucan to MongoDB?

Yes, you can. With Toucan’s dedicated module for MongoDB.

Can Toucan bring in simultaneously data from MongoDB and other data sources?

Yes, you can, and in real or differed times. This means that you’ll be able to go through a smooth transition to the Cloud by working with different types of data sources, in the cloud or on-premises

What is Toucan’s DataStore?

Toucan’s DataStore includes:
- The Toucan Visual Query Builder, our no-code querying interface.
- Our library of connectors, including that of Snowflake.
- Cache in-memory for differed data sources.