<10 minutes
To create your first data story
User adoption rate
(3x that of other platforms)
Boost in store sales performance

All of Your Store Data, In One Place


Uncover how your stores are performing by comparing different locations, taking a birds-eye view of your data, and drilling down to the insights that matter.

Uncomplicate The Reporting Process


Users can access their store data anytime, anywhere, and from any device through our self-service dashboarding experience built for users of all technical abilities.



Sales performance metrics


Customer satisfaction indicators


Sales performance between store locations

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Collaboration Made Easy


Learn together by annotating dashboards and tagging and chatting with users right in the platform. Easily share your learnings through email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Support Your Store’s Success


Deliver the data insights that are most important to each user’s needs. Our super-smart AI serves up recommendations to help your stores run better.



Which KPIs to choose for store performance dashboards?
  1. Sales by Department or Category
  2. Average purchase value
  3. Amount of sales reduced or promoted
  4. Inventory turnover
  5. Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI)
  6. Product performance 
  7. Foot traffic
  8. Conversion rate
  9. Customer retention

To see them in action you can read our complete article about Retail Kpis

What are the key points of a store dashboard?

A dashboard facilitates both internal and external communications, making it quicker and easier to share information. Your reporting is also accessible from anywhere, even offline. This tool makes it easy to know which decisions to make in order to improve your company’s performance, growth and competitiveness.