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We now have a simple, clear, and actionable reporting system to monitor our stores performance.
Marques Avenue - Patrick Dujeux, CEO

Performance Benchmarking, all in one place


  • Uncover performance, share best practices, and establish emulations across your network of stores and franchise locations thanks to objectively clear insights and an easy-to-use platform. 
  • Easily identify top/flop operations with tailored recommendations. 
  • Take a birds eye view of your data and drill down on the insights that matter.

Stay in the know - no matter the device used


  • Access your reports instantly from any device and any format - from smartphones to large display screens, and from fully dynamic dashboards to PDFs sent by email.
  • Powerful built-in Alerts & Notifications system keep you updated at all times and on all devices.
  • Detect and analyze your top performing products to improve your offers & capture and communicate compliancy issues before they prove too costly.


Store or franchise performance metrics


Customer satisfaction indicators


Performance between store locations


Powerful combined with easy


  • An All-In-One solution to ensure easy tracking of organization and brand requirements.

  • Aggregate a large volume of data to provide actionable reports and offer a global view.

  • Build centralized reporting and share insights according to hierarchical’ rights levels.

Built-in Collaboration


  • Add comments, notes, and other annotations right inside Toucan to stay on top of store, franchise or location performance. 
  • Guide your users through built-in recommendations that take them directly to the next step or action.
  • No version-based add-ons : Toucan's built-in collaboration environment is fully functional. 0 maintenance, downtime, or development required. 

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What's a sales performance dashboard for franchisees?

A Sales Performance dashboard gives franchisees an instant visual representation of their Sales and Shops indicators.
It allows your entire organization (from Franchisor to Franchisee) to have a better understanding of consumer buying behavior, to have a detailed view of a store's or product category's performance in order to optimize the sales performance of the network and to provide a unified view to all team members.

What are the main KPIs for a store or franchise performance dashboard?
  1. Sales by Department or Category
  2. Average purchase value
  3. Amount of sales reduced or promoted
  4. Inventory turnover
  5. Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI)
  6. Product performance 
  7. Foot traffic
  8. Conversion rate
  9. Customer retention

To see them in action you can read our complete article about Retail Kpis

How do analytics optimize performance?

Data and analytics help you identify the most successful stores in your network, your best sellers, and the most attractive and profitable product categories.
Like most retailers, you have a lot of data, especially as a Franchisor, you have a combination of data coming from your own network and data from your franchisees. But do you have the tools to transform this data into actionable information for your network?
By aggregating all the data sources of your business network in a single tool, you will help your operational teams benchmark best practices and ensure that the right actions are implemented in the field while providing a clear and intuitive understanding of the results.
By developing a common monitoring solution, between your Franchise Manager and your franchisees, you will also facilitate communication between all members of the network and define common performance indicators to clarify exchanges.

Why you can improve the relationships in a network with a Franchisee’s analytics software?

Given the geographic distribution of your franchisees' business activities, managing key business functions such as sales, customer relations, and monitoring franchisee performance can become a real challenge for you as a franchisor.

That's why as a Franchisor you need to improve communication within your network and ensure that there is an open communication line between your franchisees and your teams to create opportunities for feedback and benchmarks within the network.

You need to develop a sales management system that helps your franchisees monitor their performance and makes them want to stay in your Franchise and thus prove to them that you are in touch with the real problems on the field.