return on investment


Save money with better monitoring of F&B orders and workforce planning optimization

50 hours
saved a year/site


Let your site managers focus on clients, not on reports.

no hassle


No shortages or surpluses in resource allocations, thanks to easy access to forecast

Toucan allowed us to reduce operations spendings thanks to easy access to forecasts and comparisons between our multiple sites
SODEXO - Antonio Abi Saad, Global Data Services Director
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Compare your sites' best practices


  • Enable data-driven conversation: between operations managers.

  • Expose the best customer approaches: by comparing your sites.

  • Align your teams and stakeholders: on a centralized reporting.


Provide in-context Data Storytelling


  • Personalized dashboards: over roles, sites, devices.

  • Made to be actionable: with clear recommendations.

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Put your predictive analytics in the field


  • Access to demand forecasts: to avoid wastage or shortage.

  • Optimize HR Planning: by monitoring your volume of activities

Customer Stories

"We gained 0,8 pt in customer satisfaction thanks to clearer access to operations, leading to better management."

Ger Klaver - Technical Director


What is Business Intelligence for hospitality ?

Business Intelligence for hospitality is the process of making data-driven decisions based on data analysis and data storytelling. The goal is to improve your hotel or restaurant’s efficiency through a clear overview and measurement of performance. It is also a way for you to compare the operational performance of your multiple locations.
When you use BI for hospitality, the idea is not to add another layer of systems that you need to look at to run your business. On the contrary the objective is to have a central platform, plugged in all your systems (PMS, CRM, POS, Central reservation system, revenue management tool…) that will guide you through all this data to ease your decision making.

Do you offer analytics solutions for restaurant and catering businesses ?

Absolutely! Our interactive dashboards are designed to meet the needs of all businesses in the hospitality sector: hotels chains, restaurants chains, contract catering businesses and recreational parks. Toucan Toco app is particularly powerful for tracking F&B spendings, HR capacities, stock management, revenue per seat and all the KPIs a restaurant or catering business needs to monitor.

What return on investment can I expect from analytics in my hospitality business?

Using analytics for your hospitality business will help you to avoid unnecessary spendings. With easy access to data, your Sites managers can promptly reallocate resources:
- Avoid over-orders and waste on raw materials by forecasting demand
- Quickly adjust Human Resources planning
Accurate monitoring of the performance of your multiple sites will also unveil what’s working and what’s not, so you can take actions:
- Avoid F&B spendings (recipe compliance, stock management)
- Unveil best practices by enabling data-driven conversations between your sites managers
- Track margin evolution
- Monitor productivity
- and much more!
For example, our client leader in travel catering benefited from a 215% return on investment in the first year thanks to savings on raw product and productivity gains.

Do you generate forecasts reports from my data?

No, we don’t provide predictive analytics.
What we do, however, is to connect your predictive analytics to our monitoring app, so that you can easily access it along all your other data.
This way, non-technical users on the field are able to analyze forecasts the same way you do, and act accordingly.

Can I adjust the level of data my team accesses?

We know that each consumer of your data has a different need. These needs vary by device, role, time and location. For data to be truly usable, you need to consider the user's context.
That’s why, with Toucan you can provide a different view to each user, with easy management of user visibility right, at row level.
So the site manager of a specific hotel will not see the same analytics as your regional manager.