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Guided Design by Toucan Toco

No Ph.D. Required


Scaling is about more than data, it’s about people. You can’t scale to all your users if your analytics are so complex they require an advanced degree to understand. Toucan is a PhD-free zone.

      • App Gallery with dozens of curated starter analytic applications including demo data
      • Guided Design™ removes the friction of where to place charts, what type face to use, and optimal color palettes so you can focus on telling a great story with the data
      • Context everywhere so you never wonder “what does this mean” or “where does the come from?"

“No Gouge” Pricing


It’s tough to scale to every user when you’re being nickel-and-dimed by your analytics vendor. Fair and simple. That’s the Toucan pricing mantra. 

      • No exorbitant “per user" fees so it’s easy to scale to your entire organization
      • A la carte pricing that matches exactly what you need
      • Never pay for connectors, so it’s easy to use all your data
      • Never get surprised by hidden costs
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Mobile-first Analytics

Any Device, Anywhere


While most of your users are probably mobile, most analytics are desktop-first. We think that’s crazy. Toucan lets you build once and use anywhere.

  • Responsive design means Toucan analytics work on any mobile device — zero-clicks required
  • No special “analytics” apps to download from an App Store
  • Even works with wall displays or kiosks
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Toucan's helped us modernize and monetize our reporting offers without breaking the bank.

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