Embedded Analytics - What is it ?

Embedded Analytics refers to the integration of data analysis and visualization capabilities with another type of software or application.

For example, real-time reporting or dashboard capabilities can be integrated to allow a user to analyze data from the application into which the analytical platform is integrated.

In this way, the user can, for example, identify and solve problems or identify opportunities to be exploited.

Integrated analytics platforms generally offer several functionalities. Firstly, they allow multiple sources to be connected to extract data, while providing simple and intuitive access. Data Discovery's ability to explore the data to discover new patterns and share them.

A dashboard allows you to view multiple reports centrally for better decision making. Similarly, interactive reports allow you to view data in tabular and graphical form and perform queries. Reports and dashboards are often accessible from a mobile device.

Finally, a good integrated analytics platform allows users to collaborate on data directly from the application. This saves valuable time.

Integrated analysis therefore offers the user of a software application a view of the data it contains. In reality, it is usually impossible for the user to distinguish the integrated analytical platform from the software itself.

This is known as "white-labelling" because the analytical platform is completely merged into the application. On the other hand, "grey-labelling" occurs when the brand name of the platform provider remains visible.

Integrated analysis offers a competitive advantage to a software, an added value compared to its competitors. It allows users to enjoy the benefits of data analysis intuitively.v

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An example is the Saleforce.com software. Analytical capabilities are integrated into this application, which is well known to sales forces. They can be found on the home page or in the form of a dedicated tab. In particular, they enable the creation of reports and dashboards.

Similarly, Amazon customers can take advantage of numerous data analysis features. For example, they can view product notes, video tests, and recommendations. This is one of Amazon's strengths that has allowed it to dominate the e-commerce industry.