In Tokars we trust

A Tokar is someone that works at Toucan. We can fail without getting penalized for it. We are in a safe zone where we can learn from our mistakes. We call this aligned autonomy.

Be well & take care

The environment is healthy and easy-going. We have empathy for one another. The team is united: we help each other, driven by a common goal.

Each one teach one

We love sharing our knowledge. We are curious and thirsty for new experiences: cross-knowledge is essential for our creative process.

Let's sharpen your axe

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe said Abraham Lincoln. Sometimes you need someone on your team to help you gain clarity, or you can just do it by taking a break.


It's a reference to geek culture: RTFM! changed in Write the F***ing Manual. We capitalize on the knowledge of each team member.

Fix the broken window

As you grow as a team and an organization, you will break things. This might happen with our code, our process, the office life or anything... But when a problem arises, it is everyone’s problem and we can all fix it together.