In Tokars we trust

A Tokar is someone that works at Toucan. Tokar's fail without getting penalized for doing so. We work in a safe space where we can learn from our mistakes. We call this aligned autonomy.

Be well & take care

The environment at Toucan is healthy and easy-going. We have empathy for one another. The team is united: we help each other, driven forward by a common goal.

Each one teach one

We love sharing our knowledge. We are curious and thirsty for new experiences, and collaboration is essential for our creative process.

Feedback is a gift

We're always looking to improve. Feedback helps us introspect on our work, our process and our behavior. Feedback is always supportive and is meant to help others to grow, improve collaboration, and nourish our work.


It's a reference to geek culture: RTFM! changed to Write the F***ing Manual. We capitalize on the knowledge of each of our team members.

Many squads, one team

Even though we work on different teams, we all work together. Strong cohesion and teamwork helps us move forward and progress as one.