2O million
data aggregations in Toucan
<1 month
to go live
in time & resources needed


  • In-house dashboards were clunky and difficult to update/maintain.

  • Struggled to balance important feature requests with higher priority items on the roadmap.

  • Troubled by un-actionable data insights for all business users, notably the customer success team.

  • Wanting and willing to leverage their AWS investments.


  • Empowered non-technical users to build robust, customizable dashboards that were fully integrated and live in <1 month.

  • Placed actionable, digestible insights in the hands of business users.

  • Enabled ETL data set preparation without assistance from the dev team, leading to over 20 million analytics events.

  • Benefitted from elasticity and scalability provided by their AWS infrastructure.


  • Delivery of a fully integrated, important product feature rapidly and without needing dev resources.

  • Access to compelling, actionable insights including new KPIs and tiered data findings.

  • Dramatically improved user experience with a seamlessly integrated, fully white-labeled analytics experience.

  • Drastically reduced time to create custom dashboards by letting data analysts prepare their own ETL data sets.


Information Technology, Sales Automation, & Software


StorySlab is a branded sales enablement platform that supports B2B field sales teams at the most crucial moment of the sale: the conversation. It transforms tired presentations into consultative conversations, helping reps position their company’s portfolio as the optimal solution. They were looking for a way to generate actionable insights for their business users without de-focusing their team.

Unbelievably impressed with how much Toucan allows us to modify. We have the ability to do anything we need to. It feels like an integrated component of our CSS.
StorySlab - Dan Scrimale, VP of Product and Engineering