+8% sales
< 3 months after launch
350 agencies
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  • Opportunities are lost due to slow decision-making.

  • Manual reporting, dashboards in silo : lack of alignment between headquarters and teams on the field. 

  • Static reporting sent by email : any insights is time-consuming to find .



  • Central, clear, dynamic dashboard updated automatically. 

  • Accessible by anyone, on any device, without any training. 

  • Connect to all your specialized software (AC3, SAP BO...) and centralize all your KPIs : transactions, mandates, exclusivity rate, revenue by agency, stock...



  • +8% in transactions in just 3 months, thanks to an increased reactivity from the teams.  

  • 1 month/year saved thanks to the automation of reporting. 

  • Strong alignment between teams on the field and executives ensures a fast execution of strategy - keeping Nexity a step ahead of their competition. 


Real Estate Agencies


The leading french real estate group operating in all fields of real estate development and services.

Key takeaways
  • 5,300 employees
  • 350 agencies
With Toucan we monitor our performance on a daily basis, wherever we are and on any device. Our decisions are taken faster and are of better quality.
Nexity - Pierre-Henry Pouchelon, Managing Director of the Individual Services Division of Nexity and Nexity Studéa

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