3 weeks
time to value
150 companies
onboarded on the new product
2 products
developed (with more on the way!)


  • Tried building data exploration offers with traditional BI tools, but they were too complex for business users (only leveraged by the data-savvy) 

  • Identified a business opportunity to fill a gap in their offer by
    addressing business users and empowering them with data


  • Removed a limit to their innovation and went beyond data & tech
    oriented offers to address business users with unique products

  • Scaled from a few reporting tables to intuitive, easy to understand
    and industrialized dashboards tailored to the need of their users.



  • Reached their ROI goals in less than a year.

  • Generated new revenue by addressing new personas and
    empowering 150+ users with data.

  • Increased adoption and recurring visits to their product.


Data valorization for the automotive sector


Dataneo is a leading data valorization company powering tools for businesses to engage, understand and retain customers through market data.They create strategic marketing solutions for different actors on the market to help them drive loyalty and acquisition.

Key Takeaways
  • 80 million vehicles identified
  • 30% average annual growth
Toucan definitely helped us tap into some revenue opportunities. In less than a month, we had everything we needed to WOW our 150 users and empower them with the insights they want and need.
Dataneo - Chief Operating Officer, Thomas Jouanny