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    • Needed to provide a better offer to customers by digitizing and automating the creation and distribution of accounting reports.
    • Unable to differentiate offers by delivering clear accounting data without the need for human support. 
    • Desire to reduce churn and increase conversion rates by strengthening value propositions for various offers. 



  • Best-of-Breed reporting tool that is fast to deploy and easy to use, specifically designed to ensure full autonomy for non-technical users. 
  • A single platform for both customers and for accountants. 
  • Instantly accessible on all mobile devices for on the go use. No development, maintenance, or installation required.



  • 1 app serves 42 accounting firms and 1000s of end-users.
  • ROI achieved in just 4 months thanks to the monetization of a new service related to accounting data.
  • Reports are 23% faster to produce and deploy thanks to automation, leading to significant savings. 

Accounting Firm


Alliance Eurus is the 2nd largest French group of independent chartered accountants, auditors and consultants.

Key takeaways
  • 3,700 employees
  • 42 independent firms
Eurus - App illustration
Toucan's easy-to-use platform has enabled us better serve our customers, reduce churn and increase acquisition in record time !
Alliance Eurus - Delphine Buisson, General Manager