Highlights on Toucan's Latest Releases

Stay tuned for continuous product updates & new features!

2022 Releases

New & improved Redshift Connector


Supercharged Redshift! Our Redshift connector now uses the native AWS library for exceptional performance and security.


Embedding just got a lot better


Next-generation embedded analytics that are 2X faster and 5X smaller in size? That's what we're delivering with this release. And, we've even included the ability to create parent-child embedded data stories with advanced cross-filtering!

The Toucan Bot in the MS Teams Appstore


Two words: Microsoft Teams. That's right — Toucan has passed all the security and compliance reviews and now works seamlessly with MS Teams! Share stories, collaborate, and get feedback on your data insights — all in your MS Teams channel!


No Code Data Selection on PostgreSQL & Redshift


Our "universal translator" gets even more powerful with this release! Now you never have to write SELECT * FROM again (whew). Just click and select the columns you need in your PostgreSQL and Redshift data sources and start analyzing.

Dynamic Tiles


Now you can see if you're in the red, yellow, or green in just a glance with our new dynamic tile colors! Using the value of whichever metric you choose, this new tile will update as needed and help you make decisions quickly.


New Circular Chart


Don't call it a pie chart! Our new "circular chart" puts the Toucan touch on a classic data display making it easier to read. We swore we'd never do a pie chart until we could do it the Toucan way.

2021 Release

Slack integration


Now you can share your Toucan insights with your team using Slack. Get alerts, share charts and insights, even get scheduled PDF reports right inside your Slack channels.


Send charts and pages via email


Want to send more than a single chart to your colleagues? How about sending your ENTIRE home page so they can see exactly what you're seeing? Now you can send an entire page in a few clicks.



Sometimes you need the personal touch. Like a completely customized page with just the charts and elements YOU want, arranged the way YOU want it. We call it "MyFavorites" and it's ready for you to start creating!


YouPrep™ on Top of Snowflake


Now YouPrep speaks Snowflake! Your "universal data translator", YouPrep now has the ability to speak directly to Snowflake on your behalf. Run powerful queries right on Snowflake WITHOUT learning Snowkflake-speak or writing a single line of code. YouPrep does it all for you!

Instant Data Stories


Instant Plug & Play reports built for fast insights :

Snowflake : control your credit consumption bill
Github : optimize your team's productivity



Device Preview


Validate story design on mobile and tablet even faster with a built-in preview button.

Dashboard Builder V3


Add a best-in-class dashboard module to your SaaS product.


Guided Self Service


Enable end users to create, select, or customize their own stories in full autonomy.

Live Data within the VQB


Toucan's Visual Query Builder now operational with Live Data. Perform live no-code queries on the fly.


Native Snowflake Integration


Deep integration with live, unduplicated data to leverage your cloud environment fast.

Full White Label


Remove all "Toucan Toco" mentions from your app and customize your app with your own brand design guidelines.


MS Team Integration


Access Toucan directly in Teams, to facilitate your teams' collaboration and limit the number of tools used. 

alerting (1)

Alerting System


Create thresholds or alerts on your dataset to automatically notify your users and boost data usage.

Delegated Administration


Provide autonomy at the app-level with no concessions for security. The New App Owner role allows enables invitations and rights management, all in a dedicated interface.

delegated-administration (1)
aircall (1)



A one-click dashboard to track your Aircall activity and improve your teams' performance.

2020 Releases

PDF Report


Code-free configuration to display your application in a PDF format.

scheduler (1)



Automate your application maintenance. Keep your app up to date and share precious information to your users.

Data Prep


Perform your data-sources transformation, and combination once, without one line of code.




Showcase dynamic reports on a TV screen, or on a wall, to bring insightful information to everybody within the company.

datawall (1)
presentation-mode (1)

Presentation Mode


Animate data-driven events by including stakeholders within your application and facilitate data communication.



Understand user interactions with apps and identify sponsors to improve the value of the tool.

analytics (1)
freetrial (1)

Free Trial


Offers a 15-day free trial to enable our prospects to build their own applications with their data.

Visual Query Builder


Transform and adapt datasets in a no-code visual interface.

vqb (1)
permissions (1)

Users Permissions


Set permissions and manage visibility rights at all levels of your organization.

App Templates


Speed up time-to-value by using templates used by Fortune 500 leaders in real use cases.

app-templates (1)