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Instant Value

  • Add instant value to existing offerings so you can close faster, increase renewals, and keep your tech team focused on your core offering 
  • A no-code, cloud-first, easy-to-implement solution that brings implementation from months to weeks 
  • Toucan uses visual design for everything — no extra custom development required — so you can spare your engineering and development resources.
  • With tutorials, guided frameworks, chart libraries, and more — you're never alone

Make Toucan Yours 

  • User-based personalization and extensive white-labeling customization capabilities with two-way binding with our Embed SDK
  • A comprehensive library of customizable charts at your fingertips
  • Use built-in palettes — or choose your own, allowing users to create personalized dashboards or present standardized offerings 
  • Elegant designs, on any device, that your customers will thank you for
customize embedded analytics software
Toucan Data Connectors

Seamless Implementation

  • Connect to your most important data sources (Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, and more) in minutes, no need for custom code or buying fragile adapters 
  • Connect to your data no matter where it lives: Cloud or on-prem, live or stored. Even blend insights from both in just a few clicks 
  • Easy scaling — add any number of data sources, devices, and users
  • Simple and secure authentication workflow 

Unparalleled Support

  • Optimize your team's efficiency with the best support and expertise the industry has to offer, all at no extra cost 
  • Award-winning onboarding, a dedicated CSM and care team, and unbridled access to our customer community and e-learning platform
  • Leverage our years of experience with built-in data storytelling and UX for powerful analytics wrapped in a user-friendly interface
  • Ready-to-use pre-built visualizations, Guided Design frameworks, and the #1 rated ease-of-use by your peers 
Deploy anywhere with Toucan

Built for Scale

  • Scale your deployment with APIs that unlock automation
  • Ensure that your data is accessible anywhere, at any time, and tailor the experience to the specific needs of your users 
  • Build once and deploy everywhere with Toucan's highly responsive design 
  • A la carte pricing that matches your needs exactly. Never pay for expensive connectors and never get surprised by hidden costs

How it works


Embedded analytics how it works - desktop

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Embedded analytics how it works - mobile

Customer Stories

"Unbelievably impressed with how much Toucan allows us to modify. We have the ability to do anything we need to. It feels like an integrated component of our CSS."

Dan Scrimale - VP of Product & Engineering
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"It took us less than 5 days to connect the data, build, and deploy our first analytics features inside our product."

Pierre Antoine Glandier - CTO
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"It was easy to integrate. With Toucan we can build easy-to-understand and clear dashboards for our business users."

Xavier Casellato - CTO & cofounder
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