Data-Ready in Minutes 


  • Connect to your Microsoft Azure Data in just a few clicks (with no additional custom development). 
  • Data living outside of Azure? No problem. Connect to multiple data sources, whether in the Cloud or on-premises.
  • All your data (data sources and datasets) live in a single place and are reusable, live or stored, for easier maintenance.
  • Organize your data efficiently with tags and filters.
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From data to insights


  • Toucan's award-winning built-in Storytelling Framework and Guided Design help you build pixel-perfect reports in no time, code- and design-free.
  • Turn Azure data into actionable insights by providing a step-by-step experience for your users. No “so what?” questions or cognitive overloads.
  • Connect charts, add filters, and enable drill-downs to give users an easily-consumed feed of insights from Azure data.


Take action 

  • Work effortlessly with Toucan's built-in Collaborative Environment

  • Designed to fit your collaboration habits, Toucan integrates with Microsoft Teams and Slack so your Azure data is useful for everyone.

  • Context everywhere you look ensures autonomy and effective meetings: from Toucan's narrative section to the built-in tutorials, you're never alone.

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How the MySQL Azure Connector works


  • Connect to your Microsoft Azure instance in minutes without the need for custom development or buying fragile adapters.
  • Handle both live and stored data with ease, or even blend insights from both in a few clicks.
  • Use built-in tools to clean, transform, join, and compute new metrics visually or, if you prefer, with Python. 
  • Make changes in minutes. If your data sources change, you don't have to worry (or make your tech team do the work). 
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Microsoft SQL Azure

About the Azure Database for MySQL

The Azure Database for MySQL is a relational database service powered by the MySQL community edition. You can use either Single Server or Flexible Server to host a MySQL database in Azure. It's a fully managed database as a service offering that can handle mission-critical workloads with predictable performance and dynamic scalability. With Toucan, you can dramatically reduce your time to actionable insights from this data source.

Build your first Data Story in less than 10 minutes


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  •  Now:  Build your first data story
  •  1:  Connect to MySQL Azure
  •  2:  Prepare your data in a snap
  •  3:  Add content, annotate, and share

Toucan x MySQL Azure in action

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