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Human Resources (HR) is the engine that keeps your organization running. So it is important to understand its working to constantly upkeep and maintain the morale at work.


This is easier said than done, since HR metrics are not tangential, which makes them harder to effectively track and measure. But with the right analytics solution, you can easily visualize these KPIs and be able to gain actionable insights from them. 


That’s why it is important to:

  • Identify the essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to understand your HR metrics, and

  • Visualize, interact with, and analyze your data to gain quick, actionable insights.

Have the right analytics solution in place to visualize, interact with, and analyze your data to gain quick, actionable insights.

What are KPIs for effective HR management?


HR KPIs are a necessary measure to help human resources track and evaluate team performance.

As a part of HR management, KPIs can help you understand the allocation of funds, general employee health and efforts need to create a fulfilling work environment.


We've pre-built several applications with some of the KPIs that our customers track (below) - we encourage you to check them out! 

Sales KPIs in action 

HR Cost Management

Monitor your finances



  • Absence Cost
  • Cost of the Workforce
  • Turnover Rate
  • Salary Competitive Ratio
  • Performance Management Ratio
  • Revenue per Employee
  • Holiday Usage
  • Operational Suggestions
  • Training Cost per employee
  • Cost to Hire
  • Product performance

HR Employee Management

Maximize the performance of your team


  • Productivity Rate
  • Satisfaction Index
  • Innovation Index
  • Voluntary turnover
  • 90-Day Quit Rate
  • HR-to-FTE
  • Career Path Ratio
  • Key Talent Retention Rate
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Job Acceptance Rate

General HR Management

Instantly access all your insights


  • Absence Rate
  • Benefits satisfaction
  • Engagement Index
  • Internal Promotion Rate
  • Quality of hire
  • Involuntary Turnover
  • Training Effectiveness 
  • Retirement Rate
  • Average Tenure
  • Time to Hire