What is guided analytics & why should you care?

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There’s a dirty little secret in the analytics world.

While analytics spending has exploded…

Toucan Analytics spending

Users — business leaders especially — 

aren’t getting the value they expected.

Toucan Manifesto image

We know why


In our attempt to make analytics fast, powerful, all-seeing, and all-knowing,

we’ve also made them incredibly hard to use


So complex that only experts can make full use of analytics. 


Remember when you could do basic work on your own car? Kind of like that.


We call this



You know complexity.

complex analytics

If we want a better world, we have two options:

Toucan Manifesto 2 Option

We choose Option 2





we call this path…

"Guided Analytics":

[gahy-did an-I-it-iks]

an analytics platform that assists the user in understanding data and using that data

to collaborate and drive results. See also “Toucan”



Here’s what it means…


3 Principles of Guided Analytics

1- A map to where you need to go

We help you understand what you see and why, everywhere, all the time.

  • Context everywhere so users can easily understand what's going on - without frustration
  • Novel vs. Dictionary so you see more than just data: a flow, context, and stories that make sense
  • Contextual Glossaries help users understand terms and metrics, so they are better able to interpret analytics
  • Easily understood interactive graphics draw attention where it should be and boost adoption
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2- Easy to share

Making collaboration difficult? It doesn't make sense at all.

  • Add tips so viewers understand the key takeaways immediately
  • Annotate charts and invite others to join in the data conversation
  • Collaborate with coworkers and get everyone involved in the data analysis process

3- Where you need it

Understand what analytics you are seeing and why, everywhere, always

  • Programmed PDF reports delivered on a schedule
  • Wall displays to show your key KPIs in call centers or office lobbies
  • Embedded inside your product so that your customers have easy-to-understand data stories
  • Mobile Analytics for any phone or tablet - nothing to download. 
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Guided analytics turns

Toucan Guided Analytics Turn

...and this


We do this because...


You shouldn’t feel dumb


or need to go find an expert 

just because you dared to wonder 

what sales are doing in the northwest region.

And it’s been 76 years...

Old Computer

...since the first real computer was created.

Isn’t that enough time for them to start adapting to US for a change?